Daredevil becomes the biggest threat to the Avengers

The Avengers seek to stop Daredevil and bring him to justice.

Marvel has a wide range of characters that adapt to different types of stories. In Marvel you can find characters with strong mental abilities, superhuman strength and figures that are even considered gods. Nevertheless, Marvel It also has some characters they do not have extraordinary abilities and which are known as street heroes.

The Avengers seek to stop Daredevil and bring him to justice

A good example of these kinds of heroes can be Daredevil either Batman. Although they do not have incredible powers to fight evil, his wit and cunning allows them to be equally formidable characters as they have nothing to envy to heroes of the stature of Thor, Hulk or even Superman.


The symbiote takes over Daredevil to give the hero a terrifying style

Daredevil He has become one of the main Marvel characters and is one of the most beloved among fans. The adaptation of Daredevil embodied by charlie cox has led to the resurgence of a character who, a priori, could be more unknown. Now, Marvel comics have turned Daredevil in a strong threat that not even their own avengers They know how to contain.

While the character of Daredevil attempts to take down the criminal organization known as Handthe hero has caught the attention of the Avengers, who understandably view his plans as a major threat to the Marvel Universe. The way of acting Matt Murdock is creating controversy among the ranks of the Avengers, who do not share the plans he has in mind Daredevil.


This is the special suit that Daredevil uses against Hellspawn

in the comic Daredevil #5 of Marvel comics, Matt Murdock breaks into a prison of supervillains to recruit members for The Fist. However, when the avengers find out about his recruitment, they go after their former ally to make him see that he is making a mistake and that he has to stop before it is too late.

So much Matt Murdock like version Daredevil of Elektra Natchios have left Hell’s Kitchen for chase a bigger enemythe biggest they have ever faced. The couple is focusing all their efforts on being able to defeat The Hand. Daredevil he has recruited some villains to achieve success in his mission, becoming the King of the Fist after marrying Elektra and bring the organization back to life.


This is what Elektra looks like in the Daredevil costume

However, after breaking into a prison of grand villains and offering the superpowered inmates a chance at redemption, the Daredevils caught the attention of the Avengers, as the Avengers see Matt Murdock and Elektra as threats at the level of the Avengers they need be brought to justice.

The new group led by Daredevil it can cause a lot of trouble for the heroes. Matt Murdock wants to give the villains a chance at redemptionas he frees many dangerous prisoners and offers them the chance to join him in his personal fight against Hand. However, after getting more than a dozen villains join their mission, it is revealed that Daredevil he is being tracked by the Avengers, who see the hero as a major threat that they must stop.

Daredevil becomes the biggest threat to the Avengers

Charlie Cox is the one who gives life to Daredevil in the television series

Although it is true that the avengers have given their members some autonomy, see Daredevil Getting the villains out of prison is something that goes beyond any thinkable limit. Taking into account that Daredevil has recently become the King of the Fistthe avengers are entitled to worry about whether the hero has been corrupted by his new powers and his role within Marvel.

It is possible that Daredevil has a contingency plan in case the Avengers want to stop him. Regardless of his true intentions, Daredevil has become an Avengers-level threat which, for now, is an enemy of heroes with whom he once fought.


Daredevil is one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe

Daredevil #5 is already available.

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Daredevil becomes the biggest threat to the Avengers

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