Daredevil: Redemption Review, A Must-Read Marvel Comic

Today we bring you the review of the comic Daredevil: Redemption (2005), a story from the Casa de las Ideas of apparent thriller and with a covert intention

First of all, we must clarify why Daredevil He is the most suitable candidate to star in this story. If we think of his morality, Daredevil he is a righteous lawyer who always digs into the heart of the matter until the true story is revealed of the rumors and deceptions that can overshadow it. As a lawyer, she has plenty of legal knowledge and resources to access documentation, witnesses and evidence; What Hell’s Kitchen demonhe uses his overdeveloped senses (because of his blindness) to confront the allies of the real perpetrators and reach them, confronting them and dragging them into the legal arena so that justice can be done with them.

Nevertheless, doesn’t always have happy or legal endings, which makes us fall in love with the character even more, because the sad endings make us connect with the harsh reality, being more shocking. Other characters have also encountered the latter, such as The Punisher or Spider-manbut in this case they would not have been up to Matt, given his extreme character (too violent or too flashy respectively).

Daredevil: Redemption Review

The plot takes us to 1993 actual incident, in which the “West Memphis Three” were accused of sexual abuse, mutilation and, what would blind the opinion of the entire town in the Daredevil narrative, Satanism. As in the comic, for the boy’s murder two of them were sentenced to life imprisonment and the third, to death.

We are shown how the town has condemned the trio beforehand based on their religious beliefsdismissing the real culprit as a respected man, while heAgents of the town’s legal system collaborate with this so that the mystery is covered up. Thus, with the joint effort, DD is not able to find the definitive evidence that completely rules out his client, Joel, and his colleagues, because even when he is so close, forensics are in charge of discrediting the obvious.

The best thing in the story is to see how our vigilante has been unable to capture the culprit and deliver him and he has no choice but to trust in legal justicewhich ends up convicting Joel after seven years of waiting, and just when he dies, the truth comes out and the guilty pay for his crime, but it’s too late for Joel. This happened, and that makes us feel sorry for DD, because we would not like to be in his shoes.

Perhaps the worst part of the story is the fact that, during the seven years that Joel spends in prison, DD would have ignored the issue by trusting completely in the Law and did not investigate the real truth, even knowing that Joel was innocent. . It seems made to fit the ending given to the real condemned man in the real world; this is called a script. However, Matt Murdock he is a human being with more things on his mind, it was a long and exhausting trial, and it seemed like a dead end. That could justify it.

Authors of Daredevil: Redemption

the screenwriter is David Hinehighly acclaimed for works such as X-Men: The 198, X-Men: Civil War either MAX: Howard the DuckIn addition to being the co-creator of spider-man noir. He does an excellent job, giving us every number a plot twist that enriches the story, telling us points of view of the very unexpected or surprising characters that cause the need to go to the end. In addition, coherence accompany at the foot of the beat the rhythm of the narrative.

Michael Gaydos, on the other hand, details very well those details that we must perceive. The drawings have a thick line style that very well portrays the character of each character without the need for them to speak. However, the inking of Lee Loughridge With its shadows, it helps us to make said character appear even clearer, detailing the facial expressions or materializing the darkness of the facts with the shadows. A very well done job for the theme of the story.

Is the Daredevil comic from the Marvel Dark collection worth reading?

In conclusion, it is a sublime and exemplary comic that everyone should read to learn the consequences that prejudice or blind trust can bring.

The comic is available in volume 2 of the marvel dark collectionfrom the publisher Panini Comics.

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Daredevil: Redemption Review, A Must-Read Marvel Comic

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