Darren Aronofsky Says His Rejected Batman Movie Was Way Ahead Of Its Time

Darren Aronofsky Says His Rejected Batman Movie Was Way Ahead Of Its Time

Batman is without a doubt one of the most popular characters within the wide roster of superheroes that DC Comics offers. In recent decades, we have seen numerous adaptations of his story come to the big screen and another batch of animated projects starring the Dark Knight. Even though countless versions of the character have been introduced over the years, audiences continue to ask for more from this iconic Gotham City hero.

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Among the most famous film adaptations of the character is the saga of eighties and nineties films directed by Tim Burton and later by Joel Schumacherwhere we saw Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer Y George Clooney wear the mantle of Gotham’s Watcher; the trilogy of Christopher Nolanstarring Christian bale; and recently Batman (85%)film of Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson as the main star.

In the year 2000, the panorama did not look good for Batman, because some years before the world had seen Batman & Robin (11%), a film trashed by critics and now regarded as one of the worst superhero installments ever made. The resounding failure of this led to the cancellation of a proposed fifth film, batman unchainedleaving Warner Bros. at a loss as to what to do with the character.

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Hoping to leave behind the bitter taste in the mouth that brought batman and robin In 1997, numerous ideas were proposed for a reboot of the Bat-Man saga, before the arrival of Batman Begins (84%) by Christopher Nolan in 2005, a film that undoubtedly changed the whole situation. In that period of time, Warner Bros. received and finally rejected the proposal of the acclaimed director Darren Aronofskyto bring an R-rated reboot of the superhero to the big screen.

In those years, Warner Bros. hired Aronofsky to write and direct an adaptation of Batman: Year Oneand the filmmaker even wrote a script with famed DC comic book writer, Frank Miller . According to information from indiewire, the film was intended to be a rather violent, dark and gritty Dark Knight origin story, aimed at an adult audience. Back then, audiences weren’t used to seeing this kind of explicit content, not as much as they are now, so Warner scrapped the project without a second thought.

In a recent interview with Variety (via indiewire) on his new tape The Whale (70%)starring brendan fraser, Aronofsky he recalled his rejected Batman proposal that could never come true. The topic arose after Fraser mention the recent cancellation of batgirlfeature film in which he played the villain Firefly. Aronofsky had this to say about his discarded version of Batman:

It was after ‘Batman & Robin’, the Joel Schumacher one. That had been a big setback back then at Warner Bros., so I presented them with an abridged R-rated Batman origin story. An R-rated superhero movie was probably 10 or 15 years out of step with the realities of the business at that moment.

“It was promising, but it was just a first draft. The studio wasn’t really interested. It was a very different take,” added the filmmaker. Currently, with violent deliveries of superhero movies like Joker (91%) Y Dead Pool (84%)the version of Aronofsky of Batman would have fit perfectly, and neither Warner nor the public would have complained about the rawness of the story. In the interview, the director said that he is pleased that Hollywood has finally caught up with his vision:

I think it’s great. He always said, ‘Why can’t there be several different kinds of comic book movies?’ Now there are. It’s just that we weren’t at the right time.

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Darren Aronofsky Says His Rejected Batman Movie Was Way Ahead Of Its Time

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