DC: 10 Things You May Not Know About All-Star Superman

all star superman, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, is still considered one of the best Superman stories of all time. A microcosm of everything that makes the Man of Steel not just aspirational, but inherently relatable.

Morrison’s iconic story, combined with Quitely’s expressive and stylized art, remains a timeless tale whose influence can be seen in the character’s future adventures. As the DCEU desperately tries to find new ways to make the character fit in with modern audiences, there’s no better time to look back on one of Kal-El’s most memorable moments.

10 The All-Star Double Entendre

Once the title was chosen all star superman for the story, as well as the broader All-Star lineup, it became clear to Morrison that focusing on Superman as a mythical solar deity was the direction to take. Portraying Superman as a god was not a very different approach for Morrison, as he had already treated the Justice League as some kind of mythological pantheon in his iconic career as the JLA but focusing so specifically on Kal-El as a pseudo-Helios is part of what gave all-star such a unique and timeless quality. Hence, in fact, the name of all-star.

9 The Story Was Purported To Prevent The Superman Reboot1650499717 959 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

Distilling Superman down to his most crucial characteristics was nothing new. After the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths, the character had already been rebooted hard and smooth half a dozen times. The most famous of these is undoubtedly the controversial and influential miniseries of the Man of Steel by John Byrne. A kind of “Superman: Year One” for the new post-Crisis continuity.

While Byrne took the character back to basics, Morrison was more interested in involving as much of the character’s history as possible. Part of what makes all-star so unique is that it’s clearly haunted and steeped in the long and varied lore while at the same time being a self-contained story that avoids alienating casual audiences.

8 Clark Kent Was Inspired By Yiddish Theater1650499718 84 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

Despite the usual Protestant Christian upbringing associated with the Man of Steel, the character was created by two Jewish men. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, intentionally or not, were clearly influenced by the story of Moses in the character’s first origin. Returning to those roots, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely drew inspiration for their Clark Kent from looks and hand gestures from Yiddish theatre. Yiddish theatre, as the name suggests, are theatrical productions starring Jews that, although they have a wide range of stories and genres, are most often associated with satirical productions staged during Purim.

7 Clark Kent’s Awkwardness Serves A Purpose1650499718 483 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

A minor point throughout the story is the choreographed dance that clumsy Clark Kent performs whenever he has to rescue someone while maintaining his mild-mannered reporter appearance. The only time the book explicitly mentions Clark’s heroics is when he saves Luthor moments before he accidentally electrocutes himself. It’s a perfect moment to show not only Clark’s willingness to save even the worst that humanity has to offer, but also that Lex stands head and shoulders above everyone else intellectually having been the only one to realize that Clark’s antics Clark saved him.

6 Jimmy Olsen Pretends To Look Like Robbie Williams1650499718 460 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

Using images of real people as reference material is nothing new to comic book artists, let alone artists in general. However, one such real-world reference that may come as a surprise is singer Robbie Williams’ use of Jimmy Olsen’s facial features.

Williams had asked to be included in the play in some way, and the result was that Quitely used his face for Jimmy’s. For the more self-assured and confident Jimmy that he appears in all-starmakes sense.

5 The Book Almost Didn’t Come True1650499718 560 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

What would eventually become all star superman was originally a proposal called Superman Now. Unfortunately, the original pitch for a modern remake of the character never made it to print, and for a while it seemed as though the ideas Grant Morrison and Dan Raspler had been mulling out of San Diego Comic-Con would never come to fruition. Once Morrison started working on his career in New X Men, they did not expect to do any other work on Superman. It wasn’t until then that DC Vice President Dan DiDio got in touch with the project that would become all star superman.

4 Concepts reused from Superman NOW1650499719 88 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

Many concepts of the discarded project Superman Now they would end up coming to all-star. Lois Lane’s supersuit was an item Morrison had sketched out during his work on Now. The final product closely resembles his original designs, and the book’s final scene also takes references from the original project. The symbol “2”, which implies the continuation of the generation of supermen being developed by Dr. Leo Quintum, is based on the original symbol of Nowwhich would have graced Morrison’s one and only Superman.

3 Jimmy Olsen’s Silver Age Antics1650499720 376 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

It’s no secret that the Jimmy Olsen shenanigans that go on in all star superman they are largely based on his wacky Silver Age adventures. However, there are a few deep cuts that more casual fans might miss. The fact that Jimmy gains the powers of Doomsday is a clear nod to the time he became a scaly giant, Megamind, and much else, but Jimmy’s blink-and-you’re-miss moment dressed as a woman also has its own twists and turns. roots in classic tales. The Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen issue #67, from 1963, is Jimmy’s first case of gender change, but this story would continue over the years. Counterculture champion that Morrison has always been, it’s no wonder they had a soft spot for these boundary-pushing stories.

2 Morrison’s Scrapped Specials1650499720 33 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

One of the downsides of creating a self-contained story that condenses much of the Superman mythos in its purest form is that it leaves a lot of unexplored storylines and tales for fans to yearn for. While most would agree that Superman’s ultimate sacrifice is what gives the story its necessary mythic vibe, there are several characters, such as the Super Sons, who were at one point being considered for their own spin-offs in the game. universe. Sadly, these plans appear to have been shelved for the near future, though with the new Post-Death infinite multiverse of theMetal one can never be too sure.

1 Grant Morrison Had A Shamanic Encounter With Superman1650499720 162 DC 10 Things You May Not Know About All Star Superman.webp

Arguably the best behind-the-scenes story of all star superman it’s the meeting between Grant Morrison and, well… Superman. While the author was discussing ideas for what would be all-star with his colleague Mark Waid, they encountered a man dressed in what Morrison described as a perfect Superman suit. When he and Raspler started talking to the man, he responded fully in character. The ever-mystical Morrison described it as a shamanic encounter between the two, which gave the writer exactly what he needed to differentiate his portrayal of the hero from anything he had done before.

The man was perched with his knee to his chest, cool and relaxed. That’s when Morrison realized that Superman wouldn’t need to always puff out his chest like the archaic strongmen he relied on. For someone who never felt pain or discomfort, the world would be an almost idyllic place, and as such he would be one of the most relaxed people one could meet. This encounter is described by both authors in the 2010 documentary Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods.

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DC: 10 Things You May Not Know About All-Star Superman

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