DC Comics puts Superman in trouble by revealing a dangerous weakness of the Kryptonian

Kal-EL could be destroyed if the villains of the DC Universe knew about this vulnerability of Superman

The Chinese general and philosopher Sun Tzu, who could have lived five centuries before the birth of Christ, is the author of one of the most important treatises on war in the history of mankind. Your title is ‘The Art of War‘, and I want to rescue three sentences to detail the importance of what happened in DC Comics.

The publisher has sleepless in the series ‘Batman’ #130 a Superman’s fundamental weakness that if he were aware of the villains of the DC Universe the Man of Steel himself could be defeated, and most fundamentally. This shows that Kal-EL cannot absolutely control all of his powers, as the vast majority of readers thought until now.

“The art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”, instructs the general in one of Sun Tzu’s best-known phrases. First lesson learned for the enemy that has shown how to defeat him. In the Batman comic, the work of Chip Zdarsky and the cartoonist Jorge Jimenezsample the last son of Krypton having a fight with Failsafean android programmed to kill the Dark Knight.

Bruce Wayne, fleeing from the android, has taken refuge in the Fortress of Solitude in search of help to analyze the steps to follow in the pursuit of the murderous android. Kal-EL decides to give Wayne a little more time to analyze what to do and for this he makes the decision to go outside and face Failsafe alone.

Superman’s vulnerability key to his future

We are already in a situation. During the fight, when it seems that Clark gains the upper hand and has the situation under control, the tables are turned against the Kryptonian.

Failsafe tells you: “Kryptonians, like humans… have pressure points”.

Immediately after, the android presses a part of the Man of Steel’s neck and the powers of heat vision are activated and colliding with the visor that Superman is wearing stuns him so much that he knocks him unconscious. The Android learned Tzu’s lesson well. He has studied in detail who could be his opponent and discovered that, like humans, he has his own vulnerabilities as a child of Krypton.

Know the adversary and above all know yourself and you will be invinciblewarns Tzu.

Failsafe knew perfectly well that in hand-to-hand combat he would have nothing to do against one of the most powerful beings. And although his initial programming did not include eliminating the Man of Steel, he was prepared. He knew when to act and what he had to do to tip the scales in his favor.

Superman - Man of Steel - Clark Kent

Kal-EL could be destroyed if DC villains

«If you don’t know yourself or your opponent, in every battle you will be defeated» One of the advantages that Superman has is that very few adversaries know of any weakness beyond Kryptonite, but what DC Comics has done could have terrible repercussions for his future in the DC Universe.

Imagine the consequences if the Man of Steel’s gallery of enemies, or any other villain found out about this vulnerability. In addition to knowing that they can knock him out with a simple squeeze in the right area, our hero has shown that he is not in complete control of his powers. And what’s worse, this move could be used even by villains without powers. Lex Luthor, warm up that you go out.

Superman - Man of Steel - Clark Kent

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DC Comics puts Superman in trouble by revealing a dangerous weakness of the Kryptonian

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