DC Comics vs Marvel: who is richer, Batman or Iron Man

For years, there have been two companies that create comics that are nemesis, we are talking about Marvel Y DC Comics and each of them has created superheroes who are billionaires, like Batman and Iron Man, who use their money to create weapons that allow them to fight crime.

But have you ever wonderedwho is richer, Batman or Iron Man? A quite reasonable doubt that we are going to dispel at this moment, for this, we first need to see how much the fortune of each of these superheroes amounts to and after we compare them, we will have our answer.

Who is richer, Batman or Iron Man

One of the oldest unknowns is to know who is richer, Batman or Iron Man, for this reason, various experts have dedicated themselves to compare both fortunes and according to what is expressed in their respective comics, we have an answer to that question.

And it is that, it has been concluded that Iron Man is richer than Batmanwell to Anthony Edward Stark a fortune of 100 billion dollarsmoney that comes from the production and royalties of Stark Industries, while the fortune of bruce wayne It amounts to 80 billion dollarsfrom Wayne Industries.

So, as we see, before the question of who is richer, Batman or Iron Man, we have that Tony Stark has more money than Bruce Wayne, so this also means a victory for Marvel over DC ComicsHowever, although the Dark Knight is not the richest, he is one of the most loved by the public.

Now, the data shown above, in terms of comparing fortunes, were even obtained from sources such as Forbes, where experts have dedicated themselves to comparing fortunes and making estimates, but have also made analyzes of their expenses and styles of life.

Well, it has been calculated that Iron Man’s suit is 100 times more expensive than Batman’s, because while the first one costs 110 thousand 303 million dollars, the second barely costs one million 058 thousand 600 pesos, however, these are not They are the only comparisons that exist.

And it is that, since Iron Man can use his suit to move to any point, he does not need any extra means of transportation, while Batman has cars, motorcyclists, tanks and even a helicopter, with a value of up to 80 million dollars, while that Stark only has luxury cars with an approximate cost of three million 415 thousand dollars.

Likewise, even the costs of the properties of both Batman and Iron Man have been compared and it has been concluded that the Batcave and the Wayne mansion have an approximate cost of 600 million pesos, while Tony Stark’s apartment does not exceed 25 millions of pesos.

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As we can see, each superhero spends and invests his money differently, and although it seems that Bruce Wayne leads a more luxurious life, Tony Stark also shows his luxuries, so now we know who is richer between Batman or Iron Man.

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DC Comics vs Marvel: who is richer, Batman or Iron Man

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