DC OFFICIALLY reinforces the theory: Lobo will face Superman in the DCEU

Through his Twitter account, DC followed James Gunn’s game and confirmed that Lobo will face Superman in the DCEU.

There will be little or no secrecy in this new management of DC Films under the command of James Gunn. It seems that many had already forgotten the filmmaker’s sense of humor and irreverent attitude towards everything. Now, from his privileged position, he has spoken about some current issues for the future of the company. Likewise, he has raised doubts about a possible confrontation between Wolf and Superman.

Context: This is how James Gunn confirmed Lobo for the DCEU… villain of Man of Steel 2?

On the first, related to the future of the saga, Gunn follows the Warner Bros. Discovery doctrine of now “having a real focus on the franchises”. The concern is with strong competition in this regard: Marvel Studios. The creative’s challenge during his tenure will be to return to his division a counterweight worthy of the UCM.

For that, both he and the other executives have determined that Superman is the key to making this possible. “I can’t imagine a DC universe without Superman,” she has said. For this, the task is already easy, as Henry Cavill confirmed his return to the character. He came back to stay.

To the statements of the British actor was added the appearance of the same in Black Adam, removing space for all doubts. However, there is news about the villain that he will have to face in the future.

On November 9, Gunn shared an image of Lobo on his Mastodon account, parodying what he himself had done by putting one of Superman On twitter. Immediately the curious reacted. Thus, the fans took for granted that he would have wanted to say that the character would arrive.

Although that message was a bit triptych, it already spoke more clearly DC officially. Emphasizing, however, that this official status does not make the publication something serious or strict.

The publisher followed James Gunn’s game and between humor and truth they shared a message on their account Twitter.

“Is everyone talking about Lobo now? Good. You bastards should get on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE and read about the toughest guy in the galaxy,” the editorial commented, referring to the debate. In the same way, logically, they invited the public to catch up before a debut of the character on the screens.

Many already assume that it will be Jason Momoa Who will bring the character to life? This rumor was strengthened after the actor’s statements that “the project of my dreams is very close.” He said that this project is about comics. Well, everyone knows I’m a comic book fanatic. It’s about the comic I collected the mostand I have all the comics there are… You can investigate and find out what it is”, he asserted.

The physical resemblance to the also antihero is what makes many want to see him in his role. However, the fact of having been successful as Aquaman puts the new leadership of DC at a crossroads.

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DC OFFICIALLY reinforces the theory: Lobo will face Superman in the DCEU

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