DC shows that anyone is capable of being Superman with his incredible powers

One of Supergirl’s enemies confirms that the abilities of the Kryptonian heroes can be obtained.

DC shows that anyone is capable of being Superman with his incredible powers

Superman is one of the forces in charge of defending the Earth and is part of the League of Justice. Its origin from Kryptonian allowed to Clark Kent obtain incredible powers that make him one of the most dangerous characters that the publisher has DC Comics. There are few characters that can deal with him, but it seems that his powers are not that difficult to achieve.

One of Supergirl’s Enemies Confirms Kryptonian Heroes’ Abilities Can Be Obtained

The one who is considered as one of the greatest enemies of super girl has gained the powers of Iron Man in a relatively simple way. This story finally revealed the way to obtain the powers of Superman and it is that anyone could have them following a few steps. In a twist of fate, one of the most dangerous villains in Kara Zor-El accidentally became a Kryptonian and showed how the powers of the Iron Man they were actually quite easy to acquire.

DC shows that anyone is capable of being Superman with his incredible powers

super girl she has fought numerous villains who have truly challenged the young woman from Krypton. She has had to wage numerous confrontations in order to protect the Land that they almost manage to end his life, even with the same powers that his cousin has. silver banshee Y reactron were some of the enemies that made life difficult for super girl with his lethal powers and his contempt for life. However, few characters within his gallery of villains have gotten into the skin of super girl like the wicked super woman.

The sister of Lois Lanethe biggest lucy lanetook on a special mission under his father’s orders to sow mistrust among the Kryptonian heroes as Superman Y super girl. As part of his mission, Lucy had to go undercover and befriend super girl presenting itself as an ally in favor of the interests of Kryptonian.


Superman using his laser beam

However, carrying out that dangerous plan harmed Lucy herself in a major way. To pass as a Kryptonian, Lucy he wore a magic-powered suit that combined the abilities of various alien species. Other abilities included the ability to fly or have laser vision. However, the upgraded suit of Major Lane was compromised after a brutal fight with super girl and apparently killed Lucy.

super girl #50of Sterling Gates Y Jamal Igleshowed that despite the damage, Lucy managed to survive that epic confrontation and that the Project 7734 of General Lane managed to get it back. Recent comics have shown that Lucy still retains her costume powers, such as her superior strength and endurance. Additional tests done on her body confirmed that the magic from her suit actually changed the DNA of Lucygiving him all the abilities and weaknesses of the alien races that were used to mimic the Kryptonian species.

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While is true that Lucy She hasn’t become a true Kryptonian, she got the powers Superman is known for and now she’s just as dangerous as him. Because its DNA was permanently altered, the powers are already part of his being and do not have to be provided by any suit. The story presents a painful way to obtain the powers of Clark Kentbut it is proof that normal humans can become as powerful as Superman thanks to magic.

Since Superman and his allies have been around, magic has continued to plague some of the mightiest of heroes. Despite its overwhelming power, magic can pierce through their defenses and allow Kryptonians to be seriously injured. If that wasn’t bad enough, magic that can turn humans into Kryptonians is another thing that could make life difficult for the true citizens of Kryptonian.

DC shows that anyone is capable of being Superman with his incredible powers

After all, there is no shortage of magical enemies in the game. DC Universe. Those willing to offer their services for the right price could give any criminal the ability to become Superman being a total imitation of the character. The use of magic could develop powers that rival those of Superman Y super girl.

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DC shows that anyone is capable of being Superman with his incredible powers

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