DC shows the return of its incredible version of Spider-Man

DC’s Spider-Man returns and may be the key to saving the universe.

There are characters who are much more loved than others for different reasons. One of them is the famous spider-man which has numerous stories and is one of the best-known and most emblematic characters of marvel comics.

DC’s Spider-Man returns and may be key to saving the universe

spider-man He has starred in numerous comics and his influence has been such that he has managed to create his own universe within the same publisher. There are already several different characters linked to spider-man which are different from peter parker that are becoming much more important with the passage of time.

The success of many of these characters causes the competition to try to create characters that are very similar in appearance to those of the opposing publisher. Some of these examples may include dead pool Y Deathstroke or even to namor either Aquaman They seem very similar, but opposite at the same time. Each publisher tries to adapt the concept and essence of the character to their needs to contextualize them in each story in an appropriate way.

DC he even created his own version of Spider-Man who had been missing until that point. The version of DC Universe on spider-man He has arrived just when he was most needed. A preview of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 shows the return of Sideways and shows what a good ally he can be when the heroes must face the Great Dark.

Sideways debuted for the first time in DC in his own series that he starred in as part of the publisher’s new line of comics that became known as The New Age of DC Heroes. The comic series was created from Dark Nights: Metal. Sideways is a young teenager named Derek James that, after falling through a rift into a dark matter dimension while in Gotham Cityhe gained the ability to create portal-like rifts.

Like spider-man, Derek is a young man who tries to balance the responsibilities of his powers and the protection of the innocent while trying to redirect his most personal life. Unfortunately for Sidewayshis series was canceled after only 13 issues and the true potential that the hero could have was not seen.

Nevertheless, Sideways he’s finally back in the spotlight and just in time when his skills were most needed. A preview of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5of Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere, shows that things were not progressing favorably for the heroes as the Dark Army continued their assault. The attempted alliance between Black Adam and the Legion of Doom has been a failure since the Secret society possessed by Deathstroke he has extended his dark influence to the other villainous faction.

With no one to help him Black Adam fight alone against the new members of the dark army. Just when it seems Adam it seems that it is going to die, an open crack appears Sidewayswhich brings him and the members of the League of Justice to save him. Accompanied by Derek, the Justice League retrieves Black Adam and returns it safely to hall of justice.

DC shows the return of its incredible version of Spider-Man

Everything is going wrong. Besides of dark army, pariah has revived the original structure of some infinite universes of the DC Universe. Now more than ever, heroes must be able to fight their enemies on all fronts, even across Earths, in order to save all they know. Someone with the ability to easily travel between dimensions could be a crucial ally in decanting victory.

Though Sideways He showed so much potential during his initial series, he never got a chance to show what he was capable of. However, what happened to the Great Dark, pariah and the dark army lead by Deathstroke They have created a situation where all the heroes must work together in order to save the universe. Whatever pariah wave Great Dark have planned for the infinite universes may not yet be known, but the ability to Sideways to create portals between dimensions could be something that gives the heroes a fighting chance.


Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 It will be available on October 4.

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DC shows the return of its incredible version of Spider-Man

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