DC’s new leadership may seek a new Superman

The two new heads of DC Studios seem willing to cut heads to give the studio the direction they need. As reported in the Hollywood Reporter James Gunn, director of ‘The Suicide Squad’ for DC and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for Marvel, and his partner Peter Safran would be making quite radical and controversial decisions to change the course of the studio both with the box office and with critics.

Is that the director, who was chosen to do for DC what Kevin Feige does for Marvelappears to have rejected the initial treatment that director Patty Jenkins had presented to the studio, noting that current plans for a sequel to ‘Iron Man’ with Henry Cavill and a new Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson do not work out as planned. to be presented to CEO David Zaslav in the coming days.

The decision could be quite controversial, especially when the studio was trying to get some actors like Cavill or Ben Affleck back, at least for cameo appearances in their next few films. If these rumors are confirmed, it would be the end of the cast that began in the Zack Snyder tapes, and a confirmation that Gunn wants, as always, to do things his way.


It’s not like Gunn did anything to calm down the fans. The recent statement from him to preempt these rumors was to accept that his plans may be controversial, although he did not give the details of exactly what he plans.

“Some things in the Hollywood Reporter story are true, some are half-true, and some are not true at all”the director assured. But he did not make more effort than that to clarify the doubts. What’s worse is that the rest of the article brings even weirder options to the fore. Of these, the most striking is that Jason Momoa could stop playing Aquaman and go on to play LOBO, a space mercenary who in the comics is something like DC’s Deadpool.

The big question would be the future of the director’s own work within the DC extended universe. His film, ‘The Suicide Squad’ released in 2021, and the HBO Max series ‘Peacemaker’. From what is seen of his relationship with Marvel, the director has always been quite protective of his work and it is more than possible that he wants them to maintain life beyond their future projections.


What seems to not see major changes is the list of studio releases for next year. Putting aside the doubt of the ‘Flash’ tape, more related to the personal chaos of Ezra Miller’s life than to the tape itself, the sequel to ‘Aquaman’ and the second tape of ‘Shazam’ subtitled ‘The Fury of Gods’ ‘ must reach the big screen, also with an exclusivity window in theaters much longer than the 45 days to which we have become accustomed in recent months.

They are three fairly powerful films that can compete without too much problem with the third ‘Antman’ film, the sequel to ‘Captain Marvel’ and the third ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. A list of tapes that is not as powerful as good other years by the study. These are releases that have to catch the faithful of the Marvel universe, but that may have a difficult situation to become a phenomenon like the third Spider-Man film with Tom Holland or the recent sequel to ‘Black Phanter’.

It is yet time to see the real reaction of viewers to these premieres. This could change Gunn’s plans, but he seems pretty convinced. We still have to wait for the meeting with Zaslav, but it seems that the direction of superhero cinema can change a lot.

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DC’s new leadership may seek a new Superman

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