DC’s Suicide Squad repeatedly tries – and fails – to kidnap a major Superman villain

the suicide squad comes to an end, but the team is going to make one last push before the title ends.

In the previous number, suicide squad #14, Colonel Rick Flag’s plan to ride off into the sunset was revealed: to kidnap Lex Luthor. The Squad has had a difficult time following the departure of Amanda Waller from Tierra Prima, forcing them to operate without financial backing or support of any kind. Kidnapping Luthor and extorting money from him is one way to do it, but a trailer for the suicide squad #15 shows that this is much easier said than done.

In the trailer, the Squad attempts to reach Luthor twice, both times failing. In the first, Ambush Bug and another Phosphorus (a clone of Superboy) are sent to ambush him outside his building, but the two are quickly caught in a force field capable of holding back the Kryptonians. Considering Luthor frequently clashes with Superman, it’s no wonder he’s prepared for someone with Kryptonian DNA to take to the skies at him. However, the Squad’s Plan B backfires as well, as Bloodsport and Flag are captured while Luthor makes a deal in international waters.

At the time of this writing, DC Comics has not announced a new title. Suicide Squad to follow this ongoing series. Before writer Robbie Thompson and artist Eduardo Pansica jumped on the reboot of the Infinite Frontier title in early March 2021, the current creative teamby Nightwing -writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo- finished their ongoing series of the Squad Suicide in late November 2020. So there’s been a three-month gap between the two, but so far, DC’s requests only stretch to reveal numbers scheduled for release in July 2022. Whether or not that remains to be seen. a new series of the Squad will be announced Suicide by August 2022 or later.

Of course, another series of the Squad Suicide could be on the way, if the fans want it. The final contenders for DC’s Round Robin tournament are Suicide Squad:Dark and Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow. The winning fan-voted series will make it to publication, though there is hope for the losing titles. Although the robins won the 2021 Round Robin tournament, a popular contender, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, was recently announced to be released months after their loss.

Yes Suicide Squad: Dark Win, I could fill the summer void without isSuicide Squad by 2022. The advancement and request for Suicide Squ ad #15 can be found below, cover and application included.

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  • Written by DENNIS HOPELESS
  • Variant cover of DEXTER I AM
  • $3.99US | 32 pages | Variant $4.99 US (Card Stock)
  • ON SALE 5/3/22
  • LAST EDITION! Across space and alternate Earths, this version of the Squad has attempted to break free from Waller’s clutches. In the series finale, they risk it all for freedom one last time…

suicide squad #15 is written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Pansica and Jesús Merino, inks by Julio Ferreira, colors by Matt Herms and Marcelo Maiolo, and lettering by Wes Abbott. The main cover is the work of Ferreira and Maiolo, with a variant cover by Dexter Soy. The issue goes on sale May 3 from DC Comics.

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DC’s Suicide Squad repeatedly tries – and fails – to kidnap a major Superman villain

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