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  • As a result of the pandemic and the rise in the price of homes in greater Santiago, the residents of the capital are beginning to opt for projects in the fifth region. Especially in those sectors that offer good added value and convenient values. Up to 20% of the projects are purchased, as their first home, by those who live in Santiago.

The Covid-19 crisis modified various habits in Chileans, one of them being the possibility of teleworking, a system that has been maintained in various companies, which has allowed many people to migrate from the city and decide to acquire a home outside the city. capital. One of the regions that rises as a favorite for consumers is Valparaíso, thanks to its proximity and convenient values, especially in sectors such as Reñaca-Concón, according to what is indicated by Inmobiliaria Argenta.

“The values ​​of a home in Las Condes, for example, are around 110 UF per m2, approximately. While in sectors of similar value here, such as Reñaca and Concón, they are at 80 UF ​​per m2. These places have new urbanization, shops, high standard equipment, and are close to the beach. In the project that we are currently selling (Barrio Foresta), in the last year, buyers from Santiago have doubled. What’s more, today they represent almost 20% of total sales, and most of them as first homes”, says Pablo Rosen, Project Director at Inmobiliaria Argenta.

Other alternatives in the region

In addition to Viña del Mar, as indicated in the real estate company, Quilpué and Villa Alemana also have a permanent movement in the real estate market, becoming cheaper alternatives to the “Garden City”, also offering broader possibilities, such as the sale of grounds.

“In the case of Valparaíso, two things have happened: on the one hand, building permits were restricted, which has made it more static at the project level; and those that are available, as there is little availability of cloth, have become a little more exclusive. This city has also suffered very harshly from the attacks of the pandemic and the social outbreak of 2019. Viña’s regulatory plan is more restrictive, so, despite the fact that there is demand in the commune, more is being done. complicated to do real estate projects”, says Pablo Rosen.

Analysis tool to increase sales

From Inmobiliaria Argenta, he comments that the tool that has allowed them to identify this change in the origin of contributors is MobySuite, cloud software developed in Chile that allows integrating the entire commercial cycle of real estate companies, and that has helped them to analyze the demographic information and origin of the leads that enter from the different channels available to them, better guiding them to their marketing actions.

“Working with MobySuite has been a positive experience, because it is friendly and allows us to keep track online, in addition to being integrated with all our digital tools, on a platform that adapts to the needs of our clients, becoming an ally important part of our management and not just another tool”, points out Pablo Rosen.

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Demand doubles from Santiago for properties in Reñaca and Concón | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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