DLSS 3 will be available in 35 games and programs “quadrupling” the performance without DLSS

by David Sent on 20 Sep 2022, 19:15:00

NVIDIA has announced its next generation of artificial intelligence supersampling (DLSS), which is the third major version, although there have been major advances in between. This DLSS 3 Take even more advantage of the tensor cores of the RTX architecture to nearly quadruple performance with ray tracing enabled.

The data that makes headlines is that it will allow performance to be quadrupled, although the company has mainly focused when talking about it in games with ray tracing (TR). DLSS was born to counteract the performance penalty that TR introduces.


The previous version, DLSS 2, allowed up to doubling the performance with TR active, mostly playing UHD, and DLSS 3 allows you to quadruple it. Provided, of course, that you have an RTX 4080 or an RTX 4090. Since you haven’t referenced the RTX 30, one might (or might not) assume that it’s heavily tied to new tensor cores and ray tracing cores. I imagine that it will be so because of the changes it introduces to them.

The company has indicated that the games will begin to be updated with this version shortly. They are a list of 35 games and programs like Unreal Engine and the remastering with TR of RTX-gateway. In total there are already 216 games and programs that include DLSS. After the following list I will talk about DLSS 3 in cyberpunk 2077So don’t go.

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem
  • Atomic Heart
  • Black Myth: Wukong
  • Bright Memory: Infinite
  • chernobylite
  • Conqueror’s Blade
  • cyberpunk 2077
  • dakar rally
  • Deliver Us Mars
  • Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reproved
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human
  • F1 22
  • FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch
  • Frostbite Engine
  • HITMAN 3
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2
  • Justice
  • loopmancer
  • marauder
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Midnight Ghost Hunt
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  • Naraka: Bladepoint
  • NVIDIA Omniverse
  • NVIDIA Racer RTX
  • Portal with RTX
  • Ripout
  • STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl
  • Scathe
  • Sword and Fairy 7
  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Tower of Fantasy
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine 4 & 5
  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

The above listing is promising, should DLSS 3 become available on the RTX 20 and 30. Regarding Cybepunk 2077NVIDIA has used it as an example to also show the ray tracing enhancements. They are quite important since, for example, RTX now allows more than one bounce of each beam in the game, which benefits the fidelity of indirect lighting, with improved reflections and eliminating the need for ambient occlusion techniques. -the microshadows of small objects such as tiles, folds of clothing, etc.. This is done with the mode RTX Overdrive apparently available on the RTX 40.


Another game that benefits from DLSS 3 is Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. It’s a terribly demanding game, but creating zero frames without scene information processing involved allows you to double the performance in this game where normally DLSS 2 would simply add 50% more frames per second.

The first games with DLSS 3 will be available october 12 next to the RTX 4090.



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DLSS 3 will be available in 35 games and programs “quadrupling” the performance without DLSS

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