DOOM Eternal Composer Calls Out Producer Liar Who Would Have Tried To Buy His Silence – DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal It hit stores at the beginning of 2020, and in May of that same year we had a controversy regarding its soundtrack. The title developed by ID Software received criticism for having a soundtrack not as well finished as in other installments, to which marty strattonexecutive producer of Bethesda, commented that the music of the FPS had been affected because the composer he had missed several delivery datesforcing them to work on the go.

The composer of the DOOM Eternal soundtrack is none other than Mike Gordon, widely known for his work. After those words of Stratton and a time of debates and discussions, id Software decided to stop collaborating with Gordon and, in fact, was written off as a composer for the Eternal DLC. Now, more than two years later, the other version of the matter comes to us.

Marty Stratton accused him of skipping several deadlines, blaming him for the BSO

Mick Gordon has surprised so many and strangers with the publication of a post on Medium in which accuses the executive producer of lying, manipulating and even buying his silence so that he would not give his point of view on the matter. “Marty Stratton lied about what happened to the DOOM Eternal Original Soundtrack in a Reddit post in which he used misinformation to blame me entirely for his failure. Later, He offered me a six figure payment so I would never talk about it.. The truth is more important,” says Gordon.

According to the composer, Stratton’s post took a toll on his reputation by saying that he had only edited and mixed 12 of the 59 tracks on the DOOM Eternal soundtrack, in addition to missing deadlines. His version is that id Software proposed very difficult times for him to meet and the soundtrack was announced when he hadn’t been hired to do itwithout notice price, offering consumers something that was not yet in production.

Crunch and unpaid work

Mick Gordon goes on to say that his name was attached to the collector’s edition of the game without his permission, and claims that the tracks he created that were included at the time of release are more than double the number that appeared on his contract. Therefore, he accuses the company of serious defaults that dragged on over time (almost a year) and of not paying for parts that were agreed and delivered but finally were not used.

“Demos, demos…a lot of this was never intended for the public. I created this music as part of the development process and I shared it with id Software in good faithbut id Software used the music in the game, the marketing and the soundtrack and still refuses to pay me for it,” explains the composer.

This complicated situation was aggravated by the fact that the audio team could not work optimally, taking time to approve the songs that Gordon offered and leading to crunch and management problems for a year. In the end, id Software ended up paying him for the agreed themes, but he had already done more than double the initial work, putting him in a delicate physical and mental state.

Gordon thinks the producer manipulated and betrayed him, despite initially reaching an agreement

Mick Gordon accuses Marty Stratton of having manipulated, betrayed and threatened him despite having reached an agreement to launch a joint statement. With him I couldn’t comment publicly, but the draft didn’t come through, and in return Stratton’s Reddit post was found accusing him of causing all the trouble in the studio. After lawyers and complaints sent to Zenimax, nothing came to fruition, and Gordon ended up leaving a client he considers toxic and Marty Stratton, whom he accuses of trying to destroy his career.

At this time, neither id Software nor Stratton himself have issued a statement in response to Gordon’s words. We will continue to monitor how events unfold.

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DOOM Eternal Composer Calls Out Producer Liar Who Would Have Tried To Buy His Silence – DOOM Eternal

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