“Dr. No”, Dominican celebration of the 60 years of agent 007

The different versions of James Bond, age 007.
  The different versions of James Bond, age 007.
The different versions of James Bond, age 007.

dr no It was the film that started everything: from a filmic design with unique characteristics that gave rise, with its premiere on the night of October 5, 1962, to the secret agent films, to the magic of Bond which already has 25 productions, the longest saga of cinema, beginning the Dominican commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the birth of a film symbol that continues, to this day, moving millions of people and that spans almost four generations.

More than one hundred people attended last night, convened by Palacio del cine and the distributor HAL-2046, to a celebration that makes the country the only destination in the Caribbean that has joined the commemoration of the agent’s six decades 007, James Bond. The retrospective cycle has been mounted with the support of the MGM studios and the backing of Park Circus and the EON production company.

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Guillermo Ascencio, general manager of Palacio del Cine, said that the development of this series honors the origin of James Bond, a franchise that establishes a category in the cinema, that of spies, and invited screenings, which will be daily in various schedules.

Luis Jansen from HAL-2046 Films expressed that this distribution house is focused on working with exciting and alternative projects to provide a variety of content to Dominicans.

César Santana, from @informejamesbond, a Dominican Instagram page and specialized blog, set the public on the characteristics of this origin film of the famous British secret agent “at the service of his majesty” before the public went to room 4 to enjoy the projection.

Why October 5?

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The first novel featuring the British spy, Casino Royale, was published in 1952 and enjoyed considerable commercial success. It was followed by eleven novels and two collections of short stories between the years 1953 and 1966, whose plots revolve around the figure of James Bond, an officer of the Secret Intelligence Service and commander of the Royal Naval Reserve, who is also known as his code, 007.

The success of the novels and stories was such that ten years after Casino Royale, it made its way to the big screen. Officially, the first Bond was Sean Connery.

The eternal debate is about which of the actors has been the best Bond.

In 1961 EON Productions, the official production company for the James Bond franchise, began work on “Dr. No”, an adaptation of the novel of the same name. The result was a success and it is the film that started a series of 25 films with a great cultural impact worldwide that today is celebrating its 60th anniversary. (Source: https:/ /www.ambito.com/espectaculos/james-bond/dia-mundial-que-se-celebra-el-5-octubre-n5551056).

Importance of Dr. No

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· On October 5, 1962, the premiere in London of the first film of the saga, “Agent 007 against Dr. No”, took place before an audience of 712 selectively invited people, belonging to the film industry, the circles of high society and members of the English government.

· Dr. No was produced on a low budget and was a financial success. While critical reaction at the time of its release was mixed, the film eventually received a reputation as one of the best in the series, being the first in a long line of starring productions (Wikipedia)

· Dr. No initiates a genre, that of “secret agents” that flourished in the sixties.

· The highly stylized title sequence set a consistent stylistic standard in subsequent productions, created by production designer Ken Adam.

· Unlike the later films, it takes place in a single national location: Jamaica. It does not have a series of geographical points of large cities to be traveled.

· The interior shots were taken at Pinewood Studios, London.

· One of the contributions of Dr. Bond is that it shows the technology of the spies of the moment, now an almost archaeological theme in light of the advances in modern espionage.

· Bond vindicates the English sense of humor: sarcasm and irony.

· As an original film, Dr. No establishes the original characteristics of the saga: from the elaborate credits to the essential look through the canon of a gun pointed at agent 007, who shoots and blood is seen running on screen.

· As a film, it has flaws and inconsistencies, which the public and critics kindly forgiven.

· One of the most iconic scenes established a benchmark: Ursula Andress, (Honey Ryder) coming out of the sea in her white bikini, in a demure time regulated by the morality of the time.

· Andress’s voice was dubbed by Nikki van der Zyl and her singing voice dubbed by Diana Couplan, voiceover performances that were not credited.

· Cesar Santana’s Instagram page specializing in James Bond: it is the one that has received the most followers in the country in its eleven years of existence. He also has a blog: https://informejamesbond.blogspot.com/

(Source: Wikipedia)

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“Dr. No”, Dominican celebration of the 60 years of agent 007

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