‘Dragon Ball Super’: what does the return of the manga have in store for us with Goten and Trunks as superhero apprentices

Without a doubt, this week the bombshell in the world of manga and anime has been the imminent return of the manga series of ‘Dragon Ball Super’. Following the conclusion of the Granolah Survivor Saga, toyotaro announced that he was taking a temporary break to start the new arc of the story, and we already know that this will start next month.

Now, with everything that’s been going on these past few months,What is coming our way in this new arc?

Changing the focus of attention

Well, from the outset, what it seems is that we are not going to continue as is with the end of the previous arcwhich left us with Frieza premiering his new way of Black Frieza. The villain-antagonist-ally-at-times managed to increase his power by training for ten years in a time room, so much so that He has managed to beat Vegeta and Goku like nothing.

The last pages of the manga left us with a pretty big feeling of cliffhangerand that is going to remain unresolved for now because we return fully to Earth with a completely different plot.

What we know about this new arc called ‘Super Hero’ is that Goten and Trunks go on to gain more prominence in the story, because both seem to have hit the growth spurt and have decided to become teenage superheroes. In the first image with which the return of the manga has been announced, we can see them with their new uniform, which there is a certain one with which in his day he led Gohan as the Great Saiyaman.

It remains to be confirmed, but with the wink of the uniform it is possible that Gohan go on to become a mentor to Goten and Trunks, who may have a more successful career as superheroes.

Recently ‘Dragon Ball’ has been giving new levels of power to its protagonistsas the new way of gohan beast and of Orange Piccolo that we could see in ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero‘, so it’s also possible that this arc serves as a way for the two children in the group to level up a little more beyond their fusion.

tying up all the loose ends

In addition to giving more attention to the characters, it seems that eThis new arc of ‘Super Hero’ is planned to fully connect with the most recent film in the saga. So it is even possible that the plot will be adapted in manga format, but from the outset it should not be ruled out that we will see how some of the pieces of the story that we have later been able to see in ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ are being introduced.

This arc might as well end up connecting’Dragon Ball Super: Broly‘ with ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ and the manga, since in the last movie Broly has been training to better control his powers and the Z Warriors of Earth want him to become an ally, but for now they have not explained too well how this chain of events has unfolded.

Introducing to brolly in the manga, not only would these details be finished explained but also we would have a much more cohesive continuity of all the material.

Gohan In Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

By dedicating the ‘Super Hero’ arc to the rest of the characters besides Goku and Vegeta developing their abilities, possibly we have the perfect prelude to unite all the plots and get fully involved with the final confrontation with Black Freeza in a later arc. But for now we have to wait and see what Toyotaro and Toriyama have in mind.

If you want to get hooked on the series with this new arc, the new chapter of ‘Dragon Ball Super‘ can be read for free and legally through SLEEVE Plus starting next December 20th.

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‘Dragon Ball Super’: what does the return of the manga have in store for us with Goten and Trunks as superhero apprentices

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