Dragon Ball The Breakers confirms new beta next weekend: and confirms rewards for participants

Dragon Ball The Breakers is falling, in fact it is at the end of next week. And if you couldn’t play in the previous open beta, those responsible for the game confirm a new beta with rewards.

As we read through the images posted on the game’s official Twitter account, this Dragon Ball The Breakers new beta It will be for two days and throughout the weekend.

It begins next Saturday October 8 at 3 am in Spanish time and will last until 10 am on Monday October 10.

There will be those who do not like these schedules at all -for work or school- and it has not been specified if they would enter the night of Friday 7 to Saturday 8 at dawn.

Survivors and Raiders who were unable to participate in previous #DBTB beta tests, this Last Minute Test is for you“, they said in the official tweet of the account.

Try the game before it launches on October 14“, Says another tweet as a response to this one to confirm what rewards those who participate will receive.

Participants will have the opportunity to receive special rewards in the full game and after purchase“, all depending on how far they go.

  • Level 10-19 Survivor: 25,000 Zeni and 3 Tickets
  • Level 20-29 Survivor: 50,000 Zeni and 5 Tickets
  • Level 30-39 Survivor: 75,000 Zeni and 7 Tickets
  • Survivor above 40: 10,000 Zeni and 10 Tickets.

The super requirement also applies to Raiders

Hunters also have options to earn rewards based on how far they managed to get in the game.

The list is similar to that of the survivors, but with a slightly lower level and with these a little higher and more distributed.

  • Level 5-9 Hunter: 20,000 Zeni and 2 tickets.
  • Level 10-14 Hunter: 40,000 Zeni and 4 tickets.
  • Hunter above level 15: 60,000 Zeni and 6 tickets.

The game continues to consist of a contest of resistance between survivors and hunters, with villains like Cell, Buu or Frieza trying to find ordinary people.

So much so that on the side of the survivors there are seven characters and none Z fighters like Gohan and Goku or Vegeta or else from anonymous people without a special force.


Dragon Ball: The Breakers – TGS 2022 Trailer

According to another response to the official tweet, the Zeni reward can be spent in the in-game store or the Spirit Siphon.

Use Zeni to redeem outfits, emotes, stickers, and more. Use the Spirit Siphon to get transspheres“. Unleash the broly what do you have inside Or travel like him most powerful trunks to achieve this fusion of force in the anime-style game based on Toriyama’s series.

After Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Xenoverse -together with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as its sequel- another new game based on Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super (among others) lands; although different from the rest.

Dragon Ball The Breakers arrives on October 14 at Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and with this new beta you can play again a little earlier.

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Dragon Ball The Breakers confirms new beta next weekend: and confirms rewards for participants

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