El Zorro, the fighter who deceived millions by pretending to be La Parka

In wrestling it is customary for a person to use several names or characters throughout his career; however, it is rare for two athletes to wear the same mask at the same time. This happened a few years ago with The Fox, who used the pseudonym The parka to cover some functions of the Triple A.

For a long time it was speculated that Jesús Cristóbal Martínez used the mask he owned Alfonso Escoboza Huerta, due to the resemblance between the two; In addition, on several occasions two Parkas appeared at the same time in different cities.

While this was preserved as a myth, Zorro eventually spoke out on the subject. In an interview for the channel Youtube “The Struggle Blog”, the fighter confessed that he presented himself as La Parka on more than one occasionhaving to go out with two characters in the same function.

Yes, I was La Parka on some occasions. In Central America we did a tour and he fought as El Zorro in the third fight and in the main event he came out as La Parka. Even on television it was done, revealed Jesús Cristóbal.

Fox told that Triple A programmers forced him to use the characterbut he opposed it because he considered these practices “disrespectful”.

Although this practice was done repeatedly, both promoters and fans never noticed the double identity of Zorro. However, this was not to Jesus Escoboza’s likingto such an extent that they came to discuss the matter.

“Jesus didn’t see it so well, I had some conflicts with him. On one occasion I put him in the dressing room and I said ‘do you think I’m going to stay with your character? You’re wrong. I do it for the commitments, to I’m not interested.’ Thanks to that, he understood that this was coming from above”.

On the other hand, El Zorro acknowledged that it was difficult for him to imitate the skills of Jesús Escoboza because, although he was free to handle the character, he had respect for the mask.

“I realized that even to dance you have to be professional. I did what I considered to be the closest thing to him [Jesús Escoboza]. He had his style, but he knew how to fight. However, we are aware that his was more marketing and gave him what people wanted.”

Despite the clashes, Zorro and La Parka formed a good friendship where both accompanied each other in tragic moments. In this sense, Cristóbal Martínez was able to visit Escoboza in the hospital a few days before he died.

He also personified La Parka Negra

After losing his Mega Championship against Jeff Jarret in Triplemanía XIX, El Zorro returned to Triple A functions under the character of The Black Parkaa nemesis who would torment The Boney for the rest of his career.

The character debuted in 2012’s Guerra de Titanes teaming up with Pentagón Jr, to soon have a rivalry with La Parka, however Zorro abandoned the character to give it to another fighter and return to his original pseudonym

Today, El Zorro is working in the independent wrestling scene in Mexico, waiting for the covid-19 pandemic to allow him to appear in more arenas around the country.


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El Zorro, the fighter who deceived millions by pretending to be La Parka

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