“El Zorro”: the tragic reason why Bernardo is mute

The secrets behind the series keep coming to light and this time it is related to Bernardo’s inability to speak. What happened

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08/13/2020 – 1:30 p.m.

Since 1919 “El Zorro” has been one of the most successful series on television and is still current. The character’s success is related to his faithful companion, Bernardo, who did not speak but made himself understood by Don Diego de la Vega.

Bernardo’s inability to speak was revealed in 2005 through the publication of a book. The author, Isabel Allende, recounted unknown information about the partner of “El Zorro”.

The Chilean writer recounted details of Bernardo’s childhood in a novel called “Zorro”. Although Don Diego’s partner does not speak in the series, viewers take it for granted that he can listen without problems.

But behind Bernardo’s problem there is a life marked by a difficult moment that he had to go through in his first years of life. According to Allende’s account, the assistant of “El Zorro” when he was a child and lived in the countryside witnessed the tragic death of his mother.

The pirates attacked Bernardo’s farm and killed his mother, which caused him to never say a word again. Although it was the worst moment of his life, that scene made Bernardo become a thoughtful person and the ideal companion for Don Diego.

Over the years, his friendship with El Zorro made that hard time a thing of the past. Each chapter of the series confirms that Bernardo is the perfect man to accompany Don Diego in his adventures.

unpublished chapter

A few days ago, a famous final chapter of the series became important, which at the time had been widely disseminated on social networks.

In the chapter in question, for the first and only time Diego de la Vega removes his mask and reveals his face. The only person who will be able to see his face, pretending to be a thief, is a former fellow student, but no one will believe what happened..

El Zorro the tragic reason why Bernardo is mute.1

The successful character of El Zorro was created by Johnston McCulley and starred by the famous Guy Williams. The production became one of the most important series of all time and especially in Argentina, since the actor felt a very special attachment to our country and died here.

Zorro had two seasons of 39 episodes each and each episode lasted half an hour. However, they released a third season that was never broadcast in Argentina and revealed a different ending to the one known to all viewers.

Then, an old friend of Diego de la Vega, known as Ramón Castillo and played by Ricardo Montalbán, decides to visit him and travels to Los Angeles.. It turns out that Castillo and De la Vega had been classmates during their university studies in Spain, and Diego had always beaten him with the sword.

Arriving in California, Ramón cannot believe that Diego was considered a coward, when in Spain he was almost a hero for his talents with the sword. Then, he begins to suspect that he is actually lying and that De la Vega is El Zorro, so he decides to draw up a secret plan to unmask him.

Finally the plan fails, Ramón must retire and the identity of El Zorro will remain safe. This third season had only four episodes but was never released in Latin America.

In Argentina, the series was broadcast for the first time in black and white in 1968 by Channel 13 and in color in 1992, through the same signal. Then, during 1998 and 2002, it could be seen in the afternoons on Telefe in its original version, in black and white. And from 2003 he returned to El Trece, at noon.

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“El Zorro”: the tragic reason why Bernardo is mute

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