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Padel World Press – Pure style, elegance and the most advanced technological innovations make up one of the most exclusive padel rackets on the market, the Adidas Metalbone Master LTD 2022. The number one gun in the world Ale Galan.

adidas padel has gone a step further to design what will be the padel racket Ale Galan, the number one player in the world. A model forged under an exclusive development process with a clear objective: Get the most out of it.


And it is that a player of the stature of Ale Galan You always need a padel racket that perfectly meets your expectations on the court, thus increasing performance in each match and training session.

But how is the new shovel Adidas Metalbone Master LTD? Will Ale Galán play with her in the next tournaments? Is it a compatible racket for a control player? We will answer all these questions below.


this new Adidas Metalbone shovel It has been designed taking as reference the Metalbone 3.1which is why this new model continues to be characterized by the diamond format, high balance and a sweet spot located at the top of the racket. A structure that will generate the best sensations for any offensive court player.

And it is that this Adidas shovel will allow you to increase your performance in the network areain addition to giving that extra power to the most aggressive blows such as vipers, smashes or “the flip flops” with the aim of making the rest difficult for the rival couple.

One of the great technological innovations of this Metalbone Master LTD shovel is its new weight regulation system (Weight & Balance System) that will give the player the option to change the weights taking into account the needs of the match.


As we have commented before, the new shovel Adidas Metalbone Master LTD It has been designed under an exclusive manufacturing process, in which the most advanced materials and technologies on the market have been implemented.

We start talking about external nucleus (flat) incorporating Aluminized Carbon (Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1), a material that will provide rigidity, generating in the player an optimal sensation of control, in addition, thanks to its hardness, the power will increase in the most aggressive hits.

For the inner core, we have chosen to implement a low-density rubber, SoftPerformance. A material with a certain elasticity that will provide the player with maximum comfort when hitting the ball.

As for the structure, Adidasunder a rigorous investigation process, has implemented the so-called Octagonal Structure. A tubular with eight edges applied to the frame and heart of the racket that will provide perfect resistance, improving exposure to possible structural shocks that it may suffer during a match.

And finally we talk about Octagonal Spin Blade, a rough 3D effect applied throughout the plane that will significantly improve any spin shot.


We are going to end this post arguing for what type of players this new game is aimed at. shovel Adidas Metalbone Master LTD.

As we have commented previously, this racket is aimed at the classic aggressive backhand player, who bases his game on finishing shots such as smash, vipers or powerful volleys in the area of ​​the net.

But we also believe that any experienced defensive court player he could also use it since his control is exceptional and it would provide an extra power to his style of play. It is also true that a control player with a style of play based on continuous hitting throughout the game could be somewhat detrimental, especially in terms of elbow fatigue.

And the million dollar question, could a beginner or intermediate level player use it? The answer is no. We believe that it is a rather complicated racket for a newcomer, both due to its diamond shape and the incorporation of rigid materials. An initiation player needs help in his first games and this new Adidas padel racket has excessive control.

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Elegance, style and innovation! This is the Adidas Metalbone Master LTD 2022 | Padel World Press 2022

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