Enraged ‘Vecis’ gave the ‘fox’ to the alleged rogue – Diario La Prensa Riobamba

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Riobamba/ The message of justice for many citizens is considered ambiguous, especially since more and more people are detained in flagrante delicto and are released, as is the case of Marco L., who violently subdued his victim to enter to your vehicle with the intent to rob you. Despite being arrested, the subject was given precautionary measures. Enraged ‘Vecis’ gave the ‘fox’ to the alleged rogue.

Acts. What was envisioned as a productive “camel” day ended up becoming an ordeal for a subject who would have tried to commit a robbery between Malaga and Jerusalem streets, urban area of ​​Riobamba.

Crime. The events transpired early this Sunday, when Marco L. would have violated the owner of a car to enter it and steal the belongings inside. However, the subjects did not imagine that his victim would get rid of them and that he would seek help.

The affected person soon notified some neighbors and, with the help of some residents, was able to intercept one of the alleged criminals, while his buddy fled, abandoning his ’roundabout’ partner.

The community members, inflamed by the insecurity that keeps them in anxiety in the city, were ‘teaching a lesson’ to the alleged miscreant trapped. The subject ended up with multiple blows to different parts of his body.

Members of the National Police arrived at the scene, to whom the suspect was handed over, the policemen put the man under the orders of justice, but it took longer to be taken to the respective flagrancy qualification hearing than to leave. A judge issued precautionary measures, with which the subject can remain free, however he must appear to sign periodically.

The alleged criminal resulted in multiple bruises and a fracture in his arm

lynching/ In an act of outrage, many of the affected person’s neighbors came together to try to do justice by “own hand” in the face of the attack suffered by the complainant. This is how the suspected robbery attempt was beaten by several local residents, who demand justice and greater anti-crime control from the authorities on duty. Some neighbors indicated that they are tired of living in anxiety and that now they will be more united than ever in the face of the insecurity that affects not only this sector but also different areas of the ‘Sultana de los Andes’. After the ‘beating’, the alleged criminal was taken by law enforcement officials and transferred to a medical center where he was assessed. The subject had some traces on different parts of his body from the blows dealt by the enraged neighbors. He also had a broken arm.

At dawn
This fact transpired early Sunday morning, when two criminals intimidated a person to steal his belongings from his car.
Some people came to the aid of the affected and later retained one of the alleged thieves. This man’s buddy was able to run away.
Despite having been apprehended by members of the National Police, the suspect regained his freedom because precautionary measures were ordered.

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Enraged ‘Vecis’ gave the ‘fox’ to the alleged rogue – Diario La Prensa Riobamba

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