European C-27J Spartan transport planes train together

In its sixth edition, the exercise European Spartan Exercise with the participation of planes of Leonardo C-27J tactical transport spartan from four countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania and Romania.

This tactical assumption is intended to increase interoperability between European countries that operate the rugged and rugged C-27J military aircraft. spartan. The new edition of European Spartan Exercise It is taking place from October 3 to 14, this being the fifth time that Bulgaria has hosted the exercise. Four of these biturbines, designed by the Italian firm Alenia (today Leonard) in the 1990s, and about 150 members of these air forces.

The core planning team, made up of personnel from the participating nations and the European Defense Agency or European Defense Agency (EDA), began work on September 28 on the final preparations for the exercise.

The C-27Js participants in the European Spartan Exercise. (photo Bulgarian Ministry of Defense)

The C-27J spartan It is designed to carry out tactical transport missions, special and peace operations and humanitarian aid, on unprepared airfields, day and night.. So, the exercise European Spartan Exercise focuses on this type of operations, training the crews of the C-27J to fly in low level flights and in tactical navigation in different scenarios.

In addition to the Bezmer base, various airfields in Bulgaria have been chosen as the setting for the training. At Cheshnegirovo, the crews will carry out tactical approaches, parachute airdrops, and short takeoffs and landings. Meanwhile, the Dolna Mitropolia air base has been chosen to simulate medical evacuations with the engines running, a technique known internationally as Engine Running Onload/Offload (ERO), which allow you to spend the shortest possible time on the ground in dangerous areas, within reach of enemy weapons.

Some simulated drop zones pose a great challenge for C-27J crews when planning missions. Also participating in the exercise are operators from the Bulgarian Joint Special Operations Command, with the force being configured as a Fixed Wing and Special Operations Task Unit or Special Operations Air Task Unit-Fixed Wing (SOATU-FW).

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One of the C-27J of the Bulgarian Air Force. (photo KGG1951)

The creation of the force called european spartan it is one of the concrete results of the European Air Transport Fleet or European Air Transport Fleet (EATF) signed in 2011 by 20 Member States of the European Defense Agency or European Defense Agency (EDA). This initiative brings together five States that are users of the C-27J Spartan, the four countries mentioned plus Slovakia, which also operates it.

The exercise works to identify and develop common projects in the fields of operations, training, logistics, procurement, airworthiness and research on air traffic management in the Single European Sky or Single European Sky ATM (Air Traffic Management) Research (SESAR) in order to achieve a high level of interoperability and cost-effective operation and maintenance models. (Julio MazSanz)

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European C-27J Spartan transport planes train together

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