Everything you missed in the first Ant-Man 3 trailer – Spoiler Time

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania He presented us with his first trailer a few days ago and here We are going to put the magnifying glass on each of the most important scenes to find out what may be waiting for us in the next installment of the mcu which will just be released in February 2023.


1 The new lives of Cassie, Hope and Scott

The first thing we learn in the trailer is that Scott He leads a humble life in New York, walking the streets and being recognized by everyone. While Hope appears to be recognized as an outstanding scientist at a black-tie event they attend together.

Finally, Cassie she became a genius engineer capable of building marvelous artifacts, determined to carry on the family tradition by exploring the Quantum Realm. Later we see her in her outfit from height in the Microverse.

Credit: Marvel Studios

two Quantum Beacon

Cassie build a Quantum Beacon, an antenna capable of sending signals to the quantum realm so that submolecular beings can call on the heroes for help. Sounds like a good idea on paper, since ant man Y Wasps they are used to venturing into this strange dimension, but nothing goes right.

Janet fear that the signal could reach an unknown threat that inhabits the Quantum Realmpossibly referring to Kang. She may have helped him build the weapons she needs for his invasion through time and she doesn’t want anyone to know, nor does she want him to achieve his mission.

3 The new universe within the quantum realm

Hope Y hank are guided by Janet through the microverse. Since she spent decades there, she knows all the highlights of the Quantum Realmand the fact that you feel that they need to hide is a sign that something dangerous awaits them.

It’s not just about Kang, who we’ll talk about later, but we also see a cast of colorful and very strange-looking characters. They can be allies of the villain or ally with our heroes to defeat him.

4 Bill Murray’s character

In addition to these bizarre characters that we mentioned, in the trailer we also meet the character of Bill Murraybut we still don’t know who he will play in this story.

Taking into account that MODOK will be part of the movie, but hasn’t appeared in the trailer yet, could it be that murray play the human who will later become the villain?

5 The army and Kang’s plan

Jonathan Majors He has a scar on his face to differentiate him from the version we saw in the series of Lokibut that’s not all, he is also cold, calm, scary, he has a completely different outfit and a city to rule.

Kang has built an entire city inside the Microversewhich has an aesthetic similar to the rings of Shang Chi, and there he raised an army to help him become the Conqueror. Furthermore, we also see him powering up a strange-looking machine that is likely related to his plan to conquer the entire Multiverse through time.

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Everything you missed in the first Ant-Man 3 trailer – Spoiler Time

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