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By Oz Ga

What’s up friends, we finished another month where despite not being a very productive month he left us great jobs within this genre of extreme metal, so this time the task was not very heavy to be able to select the best, we had some surprises, some debuts, long-awaited comebacks, without a doubt it has been a very productive month and here I review some outstanding works that were given throughout this month. Do not forget to leave us your comments if there were any that you consider left out or your suggestions in general that are well received.

Honorable Mentions

MEGADETH – The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!

the redhead Dave Mustaine has taken up part of the style with which he seduced us all lovers of Extreme Metal and more specifically the thrash-metal from the eighties and nineties, showing us that he still loves speed and aggressive environments, still retaining that Heavy part of his last days and that is why he deserves to be recognized in this section. Full review by Alejandro Melgar.

THOU ART LORD – Daemoniorum (EP)

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The duet made up of The Magus Y Necromayhem ,supported by J. Maelmstromthey are back and coincidence or not, they are surrounded by the number 9: you see 29 years of career, 9 years of record absence and 9 professional jobs, curiously those 9 can be reversed we will have the number of the bestial, showing totally fit , with those rhythms with their anti-Christian hymns, full of hate, make us gloat with 3 splendid songs.

ARCHER – The Storm is Over

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A new group arrives from the cold lands with a new work that stands out for its quality in its compositions, its style is oriented towards a melodic death Metal where speed, aggressiveness, brutality and many doses of melody merge, nuanced with some elements that enrich it and sprinkled finely with Black metal. To take into account upband.

Extreme Top – September 202two

7. JESAJAH – Legion

Flame Rider Y burst formed this project of those who are unknown to play here. By the dates that they manage in their Singles, they were formed a year ago.

Focused on this plate, they offer us a job with a good sound to be independent, songs that are mixed with a touch of death-metal as the initial “Legion“, as well as “The sabbath”, “Impaler”, “Prophets from hell” shows us that facet full of evil and a touch of melancholy, but with a deep voice. An epic vibe full of evil and viking flair gushes out in the cut”Proletheus”, “God in chains” Recalling the time of BATHORY, they also give the opportunity to Death / Thrash Metal with “mother of death“, “Clericalist”. A theme that is noticeably influenced by the second wave is “Infant sacrifice”, “Assault Rifle Stigmata” with those bestial rhythms at full gallop. great job mixing Heavy, Speed, Thrash, Death Y Black metalfocusing on dark and diabolical atmospheres.


1664937820 799 EXTREME METAL The Best of September 2022 The Dark

6. SLAUGHTERDAY – Tyrants of Doom

The German duo made up of Jens Finger Y Bernd Reiners have once again given us a colossal dose of excellent death-metal that drinks from the old school, combining those destructive rhythms of some DEATH, MASSACRE, AUTOPSY, SERIOUS and a small dose of Melody that reminds us of the Swedish style.

The work enjoys an incredible production, which allows us to receive the tremendous onslaught by this pair of monsters, with their songs full of horror, they fall like inert bodies from the beginning “mauled” which sounds aggressive and very powerful, immediately transitioning into a dense melody with “Coffined Savior” but without losing an iota of devastating sound brutality, a job that satisfies even the most demanding of living zombies, which makes it recommendable from end to end.

1664937820 943 EXTREME METAL The Best of September 2022 The Dark

5. BEHEMOTH- Opvs Against Natvram

The Polish trio returned forcefully, just last year they celebrated their 30-year recording career, which has been full of successes, but also setbacks that they have managed to overcome. Now offering us a decent job that has satisfied the most demanding tastes.

The sound of the work is impeccable, managing to show us a great variety of unbridled rhythms and melodies, as well as brutal, in addition to those nuances that overshadow and manage to create terrifying and demonic environments, which make anyone languish, the band shows itself totally fit, no doubt Nergal attests that once it starts “Malaria vvlgata” of that born talent for extreme music, a great celebration for his three decades.

1664937820 659 EXTREME METAL The Best of September 2022 The Dark

4. NULL – Origin

Uni personal projects are in a good moment, as they are increasing in the different genres and subgenres and the Black metalwhich is one of the most radical and extreme styles, is no exception.

Mr. Melkor which is his pseudonym, with real name Tyler Pierce He has had a constant career and with very good results since 2010, although his true productivity has been seen with notoriety since 2019 with his debut plate and without any precedent this boy shows a surprising level. This year his third work comes to light, which despite being an extensive work of more than an hour, friends I assure you that you will enjoy it so much that you will not feel the time.

A work where he pays tribute to his past influences such as DIMMU BORGIR, GORGOROTH, EMPEROR, IMMORTAL, WINDIRexploring a diversity of rhythms and melodies, all of them exposed with a powerful intensity and aggressive melodies, is a work of self-improvement where it emphasizes the effort to be better every day, wrapped in those unbridled rhythms, seasoned with elements Folk, diverse nuances, such as clean voices, acoustic guitars, symphonic arrangements. A beautiful well built specimen that places it as in this position.

1664937820 507 EXTREME METAL The Best of September 2022 The Dark

3. AETERNAM – Heir of the Rising Sun

dodeath-metal Elegant? Well, that’s what the Canadians who have been working since 2007 are offering here in their fifth album. doubtless attracted many more of more diverse tastes, counting myself among them.

A well-crafted work, built on the basis of many arrangements and rhythms, without omitting its elements Folk and symphonic, so there are songs that we might even think are not death-metal What “Irene” where clean voices prevail, creating fanciful and epic settings with those grandiloquent soprano choirs that highlight their beauty, the violins give it a very emotional connotation. They also still retain that brutality as in cuts like “Beneath the Nightfall” Y “New Rome” with a pinch of progressive metal well executed.

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2. BLOODBATH- Survival of the Sickest

The Swedes that have been a reference for thousands of bands, as well as a project that has been where countless personalities of the extreme metal, is still so valid after more than 20 years of life. Showing itself to the world as a band that continues to maintain its position within the death-metal more abysmal and brutal.

The 2 members of KATATONIA continue to offer that immense brutality, with a Nick Holmes plethoric in each of their themes, in addition to the fact that they had the participation of Barney Greenway (NAPALM DEATH), Luc Lemay (GORGUTS) already Marc Grewe (INSIDIOUS DESEASE, DESPAIR), enriching the cuts. Their band theme is put together in a way that accentuates their powerful brutality, with those lyrics about violence, death, blasphemy, gore, Marking it as an ideal seal for their line that they have been handling over the years. His sound is overwhelming from start to finish, songs that dislocate each vertebra due to their insane aggressiveness and that leave one more work for his impeccable legacy.

1664937820 851 EXTREME METAL The Best of September 2022 The Dark

1. AUTOPSY – Morbidity Triumphant

The Gods of death-metal American and its more than 35 years of solid career, are back with an abysmal and brutal new work, to the delights of all lovers of death-metal in its purest state, showing the world that the passing of the years is something ephemeral and vain as its enormous brutality full of death and Gore remain intact, making it clear when you are the master of the genre.

From a deafening, brutal and crystal-clear sound, it comes to demolish the flesh and blood of your being, with skull-crushing songs like “Stab the Brain“, the song “Final Frost”, “Tapestry of Scars”, “Maggots in the Mirror”, “Slaughter of souls”. There are other thicker ones like “Skin by Skin”, “Your eyes will turn to Dust” and well something for a change with a psychedelic death either Death ‘N RollThe voracious one”, “Born in Blood“.

Undoubtedly a true discazo of the Gods.

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EXTREME METAL: The Best of September 2022 » The Dark Melody

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