Filtered a new character from the spin-off of The Batman

A casting call for the spin-off of batmanHBO Max’s The Penguin, Reveals a Character With Close Ties to the Joker

After the Joker by Barry Keoghan was presented at the end of batman of Matt Reeves, fans are anxious to know when the public will see the character again. One place where many did not expect the character to appear is in the spin-off of the film that he is producing. HBO Max focused on the penguin.

The story of The Penguin it will unfold about a week after it ends batmanfeaturing Colin Farrell’s Oz picking up the pieces of a criminal empire and becoming the caped crusader’s iconic villain.

Not much else is known about the project, apart from some information from the casting calls that have been leaking. The latest of these summons could have ties to Gotham City’s Clown Prince of Crime.

The Illuminerdi has revealed that The Penguin from HBO Max is currently looking for an actor for the character Mike Stone

Stone has only made one appearance in the comics to date, being the focus of Arkham Manor: Endgame 2015. The story tells how Harvey Bullock meets with Mike Stone, a guard at Arkham Mansion with a long criminal past, in order to find out what really happened in the mansion the night of the Joker’s attack.

Due to his past as the Penguin’s employee and bully, Stone was only able to get a job as a guard at the new asylum. That night he and his partner Lou Marrone were going about their usual surveillance routines when turning a corner they came face to face with the Clown Prince of Crime.

Petrified by terror, they witnessed the moment when the Joker released several bombs with his new toxin to turn all the inmates into his psychotic puppets. Unable to explain why the toxin didn’t affect him like the rest, Stone watched as Lou was savagely killed by Zsasz and he could have run with the same fate had he not been saved by Bane.

Bullock, after corroborating that both Bane, Poison Ivy, Mr. Cold, The Scarecrow and Clayface were immune to the toxin, begins to suspect that the attack on the mansion was carried out by Mike under the Penguin’s orders, however the guard rejects such accusations.

unexpected twist

Continuing with the story, Stone reveals how he and the rest of the uninfected villains made their way through the inmates, fighting with all their might to escape from there, while they visualized the horrors committed inside the mansion. In the end they thought they were about to reach the exit but everything turned out to be a hoax since the Joker and his followers surrounded them again. Tired of so much death and mockery from the clown, Stone unloaded all his accumulated anger by throwing himself at him and dealing a big blow to his face. To everyone’s surprise when the Joker fell unconscious he ended up revealing that this was indeed Jeremiah Arkham in disguise.

The lunatics, overflowing with rage at the deception, quickly tried to end the doctor’s life but it was at that moment that the police timely arrived to retake control of the mansion. As the story concludes, and knowing that the escape of Stone’s fellow escapees was the police’s fault, Bullock lets the guard go knowing that he has finally reformed. Despite that, the detective was convinced that the only person who would really regret what happened that night would be Dr. Arkham, who was currently locked in a cell even though he believed that he was the Clown Prince of Crime.

What to expect in the series?

With Arkham and the legacy surrounding the institution becoming so much a part of the final act of batman. It’s unknown if Stone’s version of The Penguin will simply be a muscle for Oz’s growing criminal empire or an Arkham employee like him in the comic.

The series El Pingüino is scheduled to begin production in early 2023, although it does not yet have a release date as of yet.

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Filtered a new character from the spin-off of The Batman

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