Former President Gaviria is “a son of a bitch and not a fox”: Rodolfo Hernández

-FICO is a camaján and is surrounded by people “of low caliber”
-I don’t fear for my life


The candidate of the anti-corruption Governors League, Rodolfo Hernández, described the creator of neoliberalism and former Colombian Head of State, César Gaviria Trujillo, as a “son of a bitch” and not a “fox” – skilful in politics.

Addressing the issue of alliances, he recalled how former Liberal President Gaviria met for 4 hours with the other presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro, to seek an agreement or support under the “request that the Ministries of Defense and Treasury for Simoncito and the other I don’t know for whom, to which Petro said No”.

“President Gaviria was silent, silent and they call that “fox, fox” and what he is “is not a fox, but a son of a bitch,” reiterated the presidential candidate from Santander, an engineer from the so-called Anti-Corruption Leaders League, recounting what occurred before the media on his tour of Pereira.


He waited until the last minute and traded me to FICO, the businessman said vehemently, noting that now “he sees some billboards now I identify with Fico.”

He immediately launched a strong barrage against Federico Gutiérrez, another presidential candidate, of whom he pointed out, why “now he is sticking his fingers in our mouths again, allying himself with as many cocks as possible to add percentages to add people who are going to deceive them, another clan where there are already more than 43 other clans, helping him”.

“FICO made us a bunch of people from the underworld. Fico is Uribe, Fico is Varguil, Fico is Andrés Pastrana, Fico is Dilian Francisco Toro, Fico Alex Char who take power to do business; Fico is involved with a group of politicians of the lowest ilk. I want to say that FICO is afraid of us and I want to tell him that he is a gavillero, a camaján, who has never worked, FICO’s father, being director of Planning for Medellín, put him in a company owned by Alvaro Villegas Moreno in a building that fell . He has not produced anything in life, he has been a mayor, in the council and now in the Presidency and more asshole is the one who believes him, ”he limited.

“Fico is going to see what a Duke two skinnier and more bushy will be,” he expressed against that candidacy


On the current polls and what has been seen about possible alliances, he warned about points of no meeting:

“Fajardo, I understand, has to ask permission from Juan Manuel Galán, a former governor of Boyacá, Amaya, Robledo, Cristo, Alejandro Gaviria and others who are part of that coalition and they told me no because the comeback was coming. After an agreement and waiting for a survey, he accepted that they were still alone despite having won it.

The decision today for Fajardo is worse and what I have been saying is that my results are miraculous and I have grown because my commitment is not with Sergio but with the Colombians. For this mess.”

His group and he insisted we made the collegiate decision to register independently “without forming coalitions or alliances, but receiving and giving support.”


He indicated whether he feared for his life or Gustavo Pedro-style threats, indicating that “I have not stolen anything and therefore I do not feel afraid.”

“He who owes nothing, fears nothing to win the votes,” he added.

“Others have stolen money in various ways to pay with APP and increase prices on products, through figureheads, there is a network of corruption that we do not know where they will end. It is a mafia, a regime and if they have to kill – they kill and if a person arrives, a President who does not steal, who is not his thread.”

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Former President Gaviria is “a son of a bitch and not a fox”: Rodolfo Hernández

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