“Free Guy”: good or bad? Our balance of the movie with Ryan Reynolds that came to streaming

Creating content directly or indirectly linked to the world of video games can have two effects: only appeal to the public inserted in that ‘niche’ or – if they are very good – catch the attention of the general public. A magnificent example of the latter could well be “FreeGuy”, a film that has just recently premiered on the platform Star+.

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The plot of the tape is as follows. Free City is a world-wide video game created by the Soonami corporation in which everything happens with a peaceful normality: Villains, policemen, weapons, explosions, but above all, abundant NPCs (non-playable characters) are the attraction of adults and children in different countries.

Within this last group, that is to say the NPC, there are not only men who walk by reading their newspaper or baristas, but also Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a bank teller who gets up very early and, after greeting his goldfish , repeats monotonously and without questioning anything that happens around him. Until something comes along to stir his thoughts.

Here is the first detail. For anyone who has at least had the opportunity to watch a video game throughout his life, it is clear that these NPCs are elementally basic: they only walk from one side to the other, they fall if we push them or, failing that, they repeat phrases mechanically if we dare to touch them. Well, Guy is not satisfied with this and, after meeting the beautiful Millie (Jodie Comer), the avatar of a player of flesh and blood, he decides to question everything that she has in front of her.

Scenes from “Free Guy”. (Photo: Star+)

At this point it is inevitable to associate “Free Guy” with “The Truman Show”, that questioning film starring Jim Carrey (also a Canadian actor like Ryan Reynolds. It is not a minor detail) in the year 1998. In the film directed by Peter Weir , Truman (a boy born inside a bubble) reaches adulthood unaware that everything around him is a reality TV show. This until he falls in love with a woman who rebukes him for his mediocrity and encourages him to debate what surrounds him.

Although in “Free Guy” we clearly speak of algorithms – that is, of people who do not exist – and in “The Truman Show” of actors who, in exchange for a salary, are part of the minute-by-minute exposure of the life of a man under the ‘four walls’ of Seahaven (city/television set), the truth is that in both proposals the idea of ​​free will is very present, but above all the almost voyeuristic obsession of many of us in trying to almost completely dominate what we believe is ours.

The world of ‘gamers’ is clearly reflected in Shawn Levy’s film. From amateurs to those who took the big leap and, taking advantage of their ability, are capable of creating successful video games. For example, in Soonami– the giant in charge of creating Free City that ends on tenterhooks when seeing how an NPC ‘steals the show’ and captivates its millions of users– except for the boss Antwan (Taika Waititi), everyone is guys with particular skills for the development of entertainment products.

Seeing all these details, we forget that the leading role in this film fell to an actor who, at 45, has established himself with remarkable naturalness in Hollywood. That young heartthrob from “Laproposal” (2009) has taken several safe steps until he is who he is today. It is worth remembering that without his humor and self-confidence, “Deadpool” might not be the success it finally was. Well, in “Free Guy”, the Canadian does not disappoint. So we adhere to what the New York Times sentenced days ago: Reynolds makes Guy look like a “Deadpool Lite” at times, which guarantees us very good moments for a film that is certainly not short (1 hour and 55 minutes).

scenes from "FreeGuy".  (Photo: Star+)
Scenes from “Free Guy”. (Photo: Star+)

In the final part of this analysis it would be unfair to leave aside the human factor in “Free Guy”. Although we are dealing with holograms that “revive” monotonously after dying with shots in the chest or in the middle of an explosion, it is not out of place to mention that behind each character there is a player of flesh and blood, who gets excited when fighting a game until the end. Also, of course, there are young people who fall in love and are capable of devoting beautiful thoughts.

For its skill in showing the ‘gamer’ world, for the fine humor of its protagonist, for the feelings hidden by those who seem to be nothing more than ‘geeks’ behind a laptop, and because it reminds us of the best moments of Truman Burbank Trying to discover what freedom is like behind the false walls of Seaheaven, “Free Guy” is a pleasant experience, far superior to other film incursions into the world of video games such as Pixels or Ready Player One.

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Synopsis: A bank teller discovers that he is actually a secondary player in an open-world video game, and decides to become the hero of his own story… one written by himself. Now, in a world where limits don’t exist, he’s determined to be the man to save the world from him his way…before it’s too late.

Platform: Star+

Duration: 1 hour and 55 minutes long

Classification: +13.

Rating: ★★★★.


Skip Intro: Trailer for "Red alert".  (Source: Netflix)
Skip Intro: “Red Alert” Notice Trailer. (Source: Netflix)


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“Free Guy”: good or bad? Our balance of the movie with Ryan Reynolds that came to streaming

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