‘Free Guy’, the surprise success of the summer that nobody expected and that you can now see from home on Disney +

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The summer has been busy in Hollywood. COVID-19 caused many movements at the headquarters of the large production companies and distributors who did not know what to do with the films they had shot and prepared since before that fateful March 2020. A funnel full of films that did not stop delaying their date of premiere again and again without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. While, Netflix and his commitment to consumption at home grew in figures month after month.

A situation that caused many majors decided to release directly on their platforms or even alter the status quo of the layout windows that seemed set in stone a year and a half ago. Until then, the movie theater was essential and had to be protected with a time of exclusivity for the titles that were released there. The pandemic turned everything upside down, and Warner and Disney launched into trying new strategies.

The house of the mouse experienced several simultaneous premieres, such as that of black widowwhich came to theaters and Disney+, for an extra price, the same day. What happened is that after the first weekend the film circulated like wildfire through pirate sites and in high quality. So the success was short-lived. Disney backed down when he saw that vaccination was advancing at a good pace in the US and could bet on theaters again.

One of the great privileged of the change of strategy and return to theaters was FreeGuythe film starring Ryan Reynolds beside jodie eatand now reaches Disney+. Months before nobody bet because this film that mixes Ready Player One Y The Truman Show could become a success, but in the end, it has been the great “sleeper” of the season. That film that little by little is penetrating until it becomes one of the hits of the summer season.

Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer, the stars of ‘Free Guy’.


FreeGuy it opened only in theaters on August 11 and began its run with 28 million dollars. The positive thing is that its maintenance was excellent and it multiplied its collection by 4 up to 120 in the US. To this we must add a very good performance outside North America, where it has achieved 207 million for a total of 327 worldwide. An excellent figure for a film whose budget is estimated at around 100 or 120 million dollars. So much so that it is already said that Disney is preparing a sequel. In Spain, however, it did not end up standing out, like all summer premieres, and has settled for a collection of 3 million euros, so its premiere on Disney + on October 13, only two months after its step after rooms, it may be your second chance to get hooked on the phenomenon.

Although the bet on the rooms was fundamental, it should be noted that the public had a great time with this story of a bank teller discovering that he is actually a secondary character in the open world of the video game Free City. He will decide to become the hero of his own story that he himself is going to rewrite. In a world where there are no limits, he sets out to be the man who saves the world from him his way…before it’s too late. Word of mouth was excellent. and it became an unexpected success. His references to popular culture and games like Fortnite and movies known to all was another of his strengths.

One of the most curious things is that this is one of the last productions that he left prepared 20th Century Fox before being bought by Disney. In fact, the study linked to it still appears. But the acquisition has meant that Disney has benefited from this success that they have then pushed, but that was not born of them. FreeGuy has beaten two of its bets for this year, as cruel either Jungle Cruise, which have not achieved the results of the Ryan Reynolds film. Both premiered at the same time in theaters and on Disney +. Of course, the study has given them a sequel that will confirm what their real potential would have been in theaters. The moral winner of the summer box office was FreeGuy, and now he wants to show that he can also be a phenomenon on platforms.

‘Free Guy’ premieres October 13 on Disney+.

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‘Free Guy’, the surprise success of the summer that nobody expected and that you can now see from home on Disney +

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