From ‘El Zorro’ to ‘Wednesday’: What has happened to Catherine Zeta-Jones’ life?

Taking a very general look at her career, one may wonder how it is possible that with (quite) less than fifty credits in almost thirty years acting, someone can get to enjoy the fame and renown that Catherine Zeta-Jones has, whom many of us retain in our memory after she played Elena in The mask of Zorro together with Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins, in 1998.

Although, in reality, her debut had been a few years ago, in 1990, when, at the age of 21, she got into the role of Scheherazade in style, in French production of Arabian Nights.


From that moment until, in 2000, he married michael douglashe was able to add to his credit titles as relevant as The haunting, The trap either Traffic. In 2000, the news of her wedding with the veteran actor went around the globe, as one could not expect less, collecting bets around how long such a “forced” marriage would last, because apparently when two people have a difference in age important, only an obscure reason can push that love… But there they are, after 22 years, married and shiny.

Catherine Zeta Jones Michael Douglas 2016

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, in December 2016 (GTRES)

In fact, what is disconcerting about Zeta-Jones’s career is that it almost seems that a young and exuberant beauty is always expected to be seen in roles… Well that, exuberant young (until both youth and exuberance run out) and Catherine has managed to stay in a perpetual motion of serious roles, like Velma Kelly in the magnificent Chicago (2002), Amelia Warren in The terminal (2004), Kate in no reservations (2007) or of course Cathleen in The plot (2013).


Catherine with Tom Hanks In the terminal’

the same year of The plot (2013) also appeared in NETWORK 2 and in Side effects. After that, she had a three-year break to reappear in 2016 in Dad’s Army: The Rejected Squad and in 2017 it became one of the recurring characters (6 episodes out of 8) of the series feudnext to the HUGE Jessica Lange Y susan sarandon. An anthology series, created for FX and centered on its first season on the lawsuits between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during the filming of What’s wrong with Baby Jane? Catherine plays Olivia de Havilland, a friend of Davis’s.


If there is an extreme that is diametrically opposed to the role of exuberant young man, it is that of Olivia de Havilland, without a doubt.

Shortly after, many were surprised by the news that Zeta-Jones would participate, along with actor Idris Elba and former Uruguayan soccer player Forlán, in the awards gala The Best, organized by FIFA in London, to deliver the award for the best goal of the year. In fact, his participation was a secret until almost the last moment, and all the media covered his appearance. I propose a game: look for the headlines of that news, and every time you read the word “unrecognizable”, shot!

Catherine Zeta-Jones gala the best

Catherine at the photocall of the gala The Best 2017 (GTRES)

The next day nothing else was discussed. It seemed to go largely unnoticed who took the prize that Zeta-Jones was handing out (it was Olivier Giroud, by the way), because the news revolved around whether the actress had surgery or it was an effect of makeup. Which, as everyone knows, is what is truly important in a sports gala: to know if the presenter has had surgery on her face and that is why she is unrecognizable… Oops! shot!

As it was, feud It turned out to be his gateway to streamingand since then he has chosen to continue in vogue a couple of quiet roles that are interesting at the same time, very much in his line:

He first starred for Facebook Watch in the series Queen Americain which she plays Vicky Ellis, a coach model who has to train a legged mess to be Miss America. In 2021, she participated with a recurring character in a good handful of episodes of Prodigal Sonin the role of Dr. Vivian Capshaw.

And, of course, it almost escapes you by now that he just appeared on Netflix in the new Addams Family series: Wednesdaywhere we do not have the youngest Moriticia, although I would bet that we do have the most exuberant, absolutely brilliant in her role alongside Luis Guzmán’s Gómez.

chaterine zeta jones wednesday

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From ‘El Zorro’ to ‘Wednesday’: What has happened to Catherine Zeta-Jones’ life?

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