Lily of the Valley returns more dissolute than ever with “From Russia with love“, seems to have taken a liking to spy movies.

– What a dissolute and dislocated life you lead, Puri! Dinners, vermouth, meals… what are you in a non-stop. And on top of that, you want the parné not to suffer, because at this rate I see you with a poster of “I am Spanish and I am on the street”as if only nationals had the right to fill the crop and sleep on the roof.

-Yes, Vani, when they let you loose and you are left alone, you dedicate yourself to filling the hours with friends and other relatives, mostly because of having a busy mind, not going into a loop and cultivating fraternization, which still list of appreciated is extensive and helps me to grow, that is to say, personally. And dinner the other night…

– Well, you’ve left me stiffer than garlic or mostly like mojama! At this point in the movie they come to you with these! Could it be that love interruptus doesn’t suit them? I already told you that elderly women are not there to understand modern concordances, that they get into trouble giving everything and thinking that relationships are lasting and eternal, without knowing that the bonds are not everlasting, assuming, forever, that they have not heard of the planned obsolescencewhich means the end of the useful life of a product after a calculated period of time… and it is also possible to limit the number of uses, mostly, worth the comparison, of a chorvo, read chorva, with a washing machine.

– Oh Vani, I’m telling you and I don’t quite understand, that dinner with Nel and Mari Mari Pilón, my soulmates, those who love me with my arrogance and misery and never judge me, ended up in serious reflection telling me about the hardships of an aunt friend of hers who is crazy about a dark fool.

– For a black?

– No woman, and I’m into the interracial thing, that the girl has fallen in love with a guy who has a dark side that is not cool at all; Neither a mobster nor a trafficker and even less a hired assassin, that the turkey walks like a geisha through the rice field, that she can’t find her way due to the many and intricate derivations that the theme has.

– But Puri, and she doesn’t know what the hell is going on?

– No idea Vani, he’s closed like a clam, an assumption, like a tomb, that doesn’t let go, and the poor thing gets into the lucubration and puts on some tremendous spy and plot movies in which he gets even the Freemasons. Because I say, the only problems come from what is not talked about or commented on.

– There you nailed it Puri! That certainties are better than uncertainties, that doubts have you in a sinvivir.

– Of course! If the guy is a spy, he’s not going to tell anyone about it, least of all to the menda, that he can goof the tongue by snapping at his colleagues and jeopardize the mission.

– Look, I liked the Bond, the James Bond, that flag guy chasing organized crime and whispering in the ear of the hottie on duty those phrases that have gone down in history: “I would gladly take you out to dinner, pretty dolly -I added that- but I would be court-martialed for illegal use of private property. Get dressed and I’ll buy you an ice cream! Or that other one “love is difficult – I add- chick”either “Everything comes when it has to”… a guess!

– Well Vani, with the current thawed war that is not even cold anymore, but it is worrying, it would be courageous, not to say cojonudo, if 007 were to take a walk again in this world that has lost its north along with the trust in the neighbor or close.

– But do you think that trust can be restored between a brainless madman like Putin and an actor who became president like Volodímir with so many assassinated and everything turned into a fox and even with a budding threat with the god of the seas, that is, Poseidon? What an example of a couple you are giving me, Puri! How you jump from two who love each other to subjects who can’t even see each other!

– Any prototype is valid to maintain that trust is one of the essential emotional foundations to be a mostly happy adult and that it is based on actions. But in actions sustained over time, not in those of a day that you feel especially generous and generous with the opposite; what is the day-to-day work to perpetuate a firm hope, support of all good and healthy relationships. To trust or not to trust? That is the question, what Shakespeare would say. And if we go to the foundations of trust, as the epsilon, development, psychologists, trust in others acquires solidity when we are able to trust ourselves. When we act seeking in ourselves the bases of trust that we demand of others: coherence, commitment, competence, attitude, respect, results and understanding.

– Well, you drive me crazy Puri, because if to trust Putin, Zelensky has to trust himself, turn off and let’s go, I see him too much… and if there is overconfidence, you also risk it, because you stop seeing reality , you take less care of yourself and do not fall into prevention, which can also affect your emotional balance, as those who treat the human behavior of the head and are not neurologists would also say, even if they know about it. And trusting too much can bring you serious trouble, taking it to another plane if, for example, you invest your savings in the Philatelic Forum and they fleece you, an assumption.

– Well, Nel said at dinner, she knows a lot about this, that confidence is an emotion that leads us to have a positive attitude and that the reason for confidence lies in the most intimate of each one of us and, therefore, each person experiences that feeling of confidence according to their personality. I leave it there!

– But you have also told me that Mari Mari Pilón was on the spot to assert that, based on our links and criteria, you can believe in the other in small diocese, dose forgiveness, without this meaning that it is a guarantee of truthfulness, and give second chances before criticizing, hurting or cutting off a relationship, that she is a very experienced aunt. Namely.

– Look Vani, this is a mess and I’m like Saint Paul, not like the friend of my colleagues, what if I don’t see it I don’t believe it! And, as if that were not enough, they say that all this comes from the loving bonds that you forge in your early childhood that will determine, a posteriorithe relationships you establish with your peers. Erik Erikson, for short, who was called Erik Salomonsen at birth, a German-American psychologist and psychoanalyst of Jewish origin, spoke of the term of “basic trust” in a book called “Personality Development Theory”, which deals with the feeling of security that the child acquires in his bond with others and with himself, for his healthy development, explaining it as if he were climbing a ladder, better expressed, through eight stages, from early childhood to the age adult. And thinking about it, I add, who knows what Putin’s mother was like!

– And Zelenski’s, Puri, and Zelenski’s…

– One hundred percent Vani, one hundred percent

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