Future State. Wonder Woman. Let’s welcome Yara Flor!

The first solo story of the new wonder-woman arrives in Spain. Unlike Diana, Yara is a bright new future

ECC presents Yara Flor in two adventuresthe first solo and the second with the new SupermanJonathan Kent, summarizing what the arrival of a new incarnation of wonder-woman, light, love, some madnessbut above all, the strength of hope in others and of the most powerful truth of humanity, love.

Yara Flor is an Amazon, born in Brazil, and possessor of the powers of Greek gods, and is looking for an entrance to hell. A) Yes Joelle Jones is in charge of the script and the drawing of the first story of this volume, mixing the different beliefs that take shape in the character of this new Wonder Woman. The Hellenic myths meet the Brazilian and Amazonian ones.

Yara descended to Tartarus to be able to free a soul, driven by her love, by her need to do the right thing, and perhaps, by a feeling of guilt for not having been able to do more. An allegorical path that emulates, and from which it takes a large part, the path of Orpheus in his descent after his beloved Euridice. Paved with good intentions the road to hell always changes the visitor, and does not always let him out.

Jones makes it clear that she is an incredible builder of stories, she knows that her drawing is powerful, beautiful, full of energy, and Jordie Bellaire’s color help further enhances her style. And with that great talent, she weaves the path, full of visible and invisible horrors, to tell us Yara’s story. To show us her unwavering resolve, her courage, and her nonconformity, that she leads her to break rules that were never disobeyed. A story full of love, and decisions, that the author ends with a certain idea, Yara Flor is not only a successor, she is Wonder Woman in her own right.

the second story unites the two heirs to the most luminous mantles in the DC Universe: Jonathan Kent, the new Superman, and Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman. Dan Watters and Leila DelLuca join forces as the heroes, delivering a tale of competition between sun gods, brains, and a bit of picaresque.

When a new sun appears in the sky, Kuat, the sun god of Amazonian Mamaurana mythology, decides that he is not going to let them supplant him. The new star is Solaris, enemy of the new Superman, and who seeks the destruction of the same. Yara and John find themselves in the middle of this conflict, one being the object of hatred of a sun, and the other the mediator between gods and men. What leaves both of them in a shambles, solving it will not be easy, but it will not be boring either.

Watters hasn’t touched much of DC’s heroes. We have seen him working more assiduously in the Universe Sandman: Lucifer, and in stories that work on the edge of the most heroic worlds in this universe. But he has no problem proposing a good story, which above all seeks to amuse, and establish that relationship between icons and legacies that is traditional in DC. Superman and Wonder Woman were related in the new stage of the New 52, ​​and it has become a tradition that they have a good relationship due to their legendary characters and external to the humanity they protect. But the new incarnations are not alien to humanity, they have been raised, for much of their lives, among themselves, and they are not governed by the same rules. The writer lets it glimpse in their way of treating each other, of relating, they are not his predecessors, the chemistry is present, but it is different, it is more human.

Future State: Wonder Woman It is Yara Flor’s letter of introduction in Spain, and it could not be more concrete and effective. DC’s legacy is in good hands, it’s brilliant, and it’s much more light-hearted and less serious in character than the Greek pantheon tends to be.

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Future State. Wonder Woman. Let’s welcome Yara Flor!

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