G.I. Joe A Real American Hero! #300… The end of the war?

GI Joe develops his last mission in the pages of IDW, after twelve years of operations under the command of Larry Hama

The number 155.5 of G.I. Joe at IDWgave the relief to the number 155 of Marvelbeginning the stories of the best-known United States special operations command in the world of comics, which after twelve years and 145.5 published issues, comes to an end.

hit toys in comics

As readers know, the GI Joe comic arose in a agreement between Hasbro Y Marvel to promote the action toys of the first company. In the 1980s, in the United States, there were bans on advertising action toys on children’s shows, but not comics.

Hasbro suggested creating a collection of comics where they would show their articulated dollsso no scriptwriter wanted to take charge of a toy catalog collection, which in principle was doomed to the most resounding failure.

“Yo Joe!”

Duke and many other joes

Larry Hamain those early years of the franchise, was a veteran of the Vietnam War who had just joined the Marvel staff, where he was selected to narrate the stories of S.H.I.E.L.D., due to his baggage and military experience. He was offered to write the adventures of the GI Joe and the rest is already the history of the ninth art.

The comics of the joes began to figure among the Publisher’s Best Sellerssometimes surpassing even those of Spiderman or the mutant series, due to its attention to detail and realism in the procedures and in the military tactics used by the characters thanks to the scripts by Larry Hama.


Hama did not write about the military, but about people, so the new commandos were like a big family and they had to deal with problems at home and in the world, so the scripts covered a big stage which was highly appreciated by the readers.

New start at IDW

When it was put up for sale number 155.5 and the continuation of the franchise was started by Larry Hama in IDWthese comics surpassed their predecessors in Marvel, again to the work of the writer.

GI Joe 02 Agustín Padilla VGComic

As there were no new toys that needed to be presented in the stories, Hama opted to use the old designs of some characters, such as Scarlet/Scarlett; In addition, he chose to create a synergy between the adventures of science fiction and military actionswhich increased the level of the franchise’s stories.

GI Joe’s Last Stand at IDW

The last number published by IDW Comics of the adventures of the GI Joe, in his star collection: A Real American Hero!will also be the conclusion of the last story arc: There, in! In the fifth part of this arc, the umpteenth battle between the terrorist organization Cobra and the elite commando of the armed forces of the United States, who will try to destroy the laboratory of the Doctor Pacifier and remove the cover Casino on Cobra Island.

G.I. Joe 300

The island casino is the front line of the latest GI Joe operation in IDW Comics, where Cobra has been busy rraising dangerous villainsas well as heroes, behind the curtain, emulating the times in which they created serpentorwho became leader of the organization displacing the Cobra Commander.

Doctor Pac-Man wants improve combined DNA of the best warriors, to provide Cobra with the best and deadliest army in history. With this, he will seek to achieve his most desired achievement: take the world power under his command.

“Only the dead have seen the end of the war”

Georges Santanya in Soliloquies in England

The GI Joe commandos infiltrated the island will carry out the final assault to put an end to Cobra’s machinations, but perhaps his effort is already in vain. The game for the fate of the world reaches its end here and each of the players has to bet all the winnings of it: ALL IN!

G.I. Joe 300 All In!

At this end of stage in IDW heroes will be deployed, both new and classic, under the script of the legendary Larry Hama and the art of SL Gallantin a special number with more pages and numerous extras, to celebrate the climax of G.I. Joe A Real American Heronumber 300.

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G.I. Joe A Real American Hero! #300… The end of the war?

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