Gal Gadot and her next projects in addition to ‘Wonder Woman 3’

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    The actress Gal Gadot has proven to be an actress of arms to take. Diana Prince is not the only Wonder Woman who is going to be in front of the cameras. Many other personalities worthy of being seen on the big screen also arrive. The same as other fictional characters that she is going to give life to. Next February 11 we will see it in the version of Kenneth Brangh of ‘Death on the Nile’, one of the most anticipated movies of this year. And then? Let’s review your projects

    ‘Heart of Stone’

    After ‘Red alert’ the actress remains committed to Netflix. Jamie Dornan has also joined the project in which there will be high doses of action, very much in the style of the James Bond movies. This spy thriller is a Netflix co-production with Skydance Media who are striving to put a female spin on action franchises. Tom Harper is the director. Currently the film is in full shooting. There is currently no release date.

    Irena Sendler

    The actress has several underway biopic on your agenda, like this one set in World War II. The film is the first that Gadot produces with her husband, Jason Varsano, with the production company they have formed, Pilot Wave. The plot will focus on the life of Irena Sendler, a Polish woman who created an underground network to save more than two thousand Jewish children in Warsaw. The film was announced in 2019, but the pandemic has had to slow down its development quite a bit, since it was originally expected for 2023.

    snow white disney stepmother


    ‘Snow White’

    Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron or our Maribel Verdu They already got into the role of the most beautiful baddie in the whole kingdom. If there was a villain in the ins and outs of the Disney world that Gadot could play, that was Snow White’s stepmotherand thus enters the world of Disney, specifically in their live action. So far the actress has not had a role of very bad bad. It will be great to see her saying that “Mirror, Mirror…” That will surely be at the end of 2023. Rachel Zeglerthe new Mary of ‘West Side Story’ She will play the new Snow White. Andrew Burnapa seasoned Broadway actor, will also be in the cast.

    girl on the moon hedy lamarr

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    Miniseries about Hedi Lamarr

    In 2019 it was also announced that would play the actress Hedi Lamarr in a miniseries produced by Showtime. The project will review one of the most interesting lives of old Hollywood, the life of the Austrian actress and inventor. She ran away from her oppressive and abusive husband and came to Hollywood. Aside from pursuing her career as an actress, she put her knowledge in technology to use because her husband had collaborated with the Nazi regime. She worked for the development of new military technologies and took the first steps in a system, called the Secret Communication System, which would be the precursor used today in mobile wireless communications, GPS and Wi-Fi. The series will consist of eight episodes and will be brought to Apple Plus TV.


    Patty Jenkins was going to be the director of this movie. However, the filmmaker remains as producer in the project and the one who will sit in the director’s chair will be the Canadian Kari Skogland. The project is finishing the script and looking for the first names of the cast that will accompany Gadot in this story about one of the most recognized leaders in history. The actress is proud of this version of the Egyptian queen, that she will review her biography offering not only the version of a beautiful and manipulative woman, but also the image of an intelligent and strategic woman.

    'wonder woman 1984' poster

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    ‘Wonder Woman 3’

    We met her, with permission from her appearance in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ in 2017 as Diana Prince in the first solo movie. The pandemic made ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ slow to arrive, and finally in December 2020 we could see the long awaited sequel. A few days after its premiere it was confirmed that Diana Prince would have a trilogy. In principle, in December 2023 the third part will comealso directed once again by Jenkins.

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Gal Gadot and her next projects in addition to ‘Wonder Woman 3’

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