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Batman is dead! No, it is not an exaggeration, and much less a “fake news”. The Dark Knight is well dead, at least in one of DC’s multiple universes. Gotham Knights, published by Warner Bros., takes as its starting point the disappearance of the famous vigilante, which raises many questions. Is he really dead? And above all, how to make a good Batman video game without Batman? The editorial staff of Ministeriodelgamer conducted its research in the Montreal studios of WB Games.

The Dark Knight Multiverse

Warner Bros. announced at DC Fandom 2020 that Batman would die. It would try to determine the nature of the Batman. To get a clearer idea, let’s map the currently coexisting Dark Knight universes. Only in the cinema, there are no less than three security guards sharing the screen. Next to the Batfleck of the Snyderverse are kept in Battison from The Batman directed by Matt Reeves and Michael Keaton in The Flash with Ezra Miller. We can also mention the existence of Bruce Wayne in the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix, just to complete the picture.

Parallel to the DC Extended Universe, that is, the DC Universe in the cinema, another multiverse has been developing for more than 15 years, this time animated. Inside of DC animated filmsSeveral Batman have been created, and continue (or not) their adventures. Beyond the main canon, many spin-offs have been created. The best known are, without a doubt, the following The Dark Knight Returns, Gotham by Gaslight, the long halloween Y Injustice. There are also several projects in the DC Animated Universe, such as the long-awaited animated series Batman: Caped Crusader he’s supposed to pick up the torch of legend that is ’92’s Batman: The Animated Series.

We deliberately left the comics aside, for fear of overloading an already dense lore, to focus on another medium… the video game. For many gamers, one Batman video game in particular stands out above the rest… arkham series Developed by Rocksteady. However, Warner Bros. did not settle for a single Dark Knight and multiplied the versions with no less than three vigilantes who lived together in 2022: the Batman of the fighting game series Injusticethe of Multi Versus although the latter is secondary, and finally that of Gotham Knights. Although she has disappeared, he has left his mark on the game universe.

Batman is dead!

You will have to accept it. Batman is dead in Gotham Knights. Fleur Marty, executive producer of the project, and Patrick Redding, creative director, leave no room for doubt about the doom of Bruce Wayne and his masked alter ego.

I’m sorry, but no, they won’t play Batman. He is really dead. – Fleur Marty (executive producer)

Oddly enough, the Dark Knight is no longer in Gotham Knights, leaving a huge void that will have to be filled somehow. According to WB Games Montreal, the famous vigilante has passed away. However, this surprising revelation could be a subterfuge to protect a plot that promises to be full of twists.

The skepticism of fans is understandable. DC superheroes never stay dead for long. This was the case with Superman in January 1993. The Man of Steel was killed by Doomsday, only to return from the dead a few issues later. The same goes for Batman, who sometimes enjoys disappearing before reappearing. The Dark Knight has supposedly passed from life to death a dozen times since his birth in 1939. His first death was in 1974 against El Átomo. However, his most notable resurrection was in the 1992 movie Birth of the Demon. After being impaled, the vigilante falls with his enemy into a certain spring that has the ability to restore life. Afterward, Batman faked his death and lost his memory… but not in Gotham Knights.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized in our hearts that we had to get rid of it for good in order to open up to the world. If you think about what happens to Gotham City once you get rid of Batman, it’s rich in conflict and story possibilities. The potential for players to find things to do is almost limitless. – Patrick Redding (Creative Director)

Gotham Knights: Batman is dead!  How to make a good game without the Dark Knight?

A universe to reinvent

Before we delve into the Gotham Knights universe, a few things need to be made clear. For some players, and there is no doubt about it, Gotham Knights is, in one way or another, a sequel to the Arkham saga. Fleur Marty has a very clear message for them.

Gotham Knights is by no means a sequel to the Arkham series. – Fleur Marty (executive producer)

Now that we know for a fact that Gotham Knights has nothing to do with the quadrilogy started by RocksteadyBut we can be interested in this new universe imagined by the Montreal studios of Warner Games. While for fans, the death of Batman represents a great risk, the teams in charge of the project see in the disappearance of DC’s most iconic superhero an opportunity… to appropriate a universe that has been reinvented many times.

We had a mandate to do it. Even the publisher and DC said: We want to have a game that really disrupts the classic Gotham City formula. – Patrick Redding (Creative Director)

From a purely narrative point of view, Batman’s death allowed the writers to reimagine the franchise’s iconic characters, both heroes and villains. The sudden death of the Dark Knight is a turning point in their lives and marks the beginning of a new era for them, but also for the city of Gotham. That’s why Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin have their own story arc. The iconic villains of the saga (Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, The Penguin) have their own storyline, not to mention the main storyline of the game’s main antagonist… the Court of Owls

The premise of our game is the death of Batman. How each person reacts to Batman’s death, especially the villains, is crucial because so much of his life is gone. Each one will face it in a very different way, and it takes more than one mission to do it. It takes a whole arc to do it justice. – Ann Lemay (storytelling director)

There’s also the way the villains react to Batman’s death. Our knights have to counter their evil plans. We wanted to see the progression of the villains and the knights. It takes a long time to tell the story well. – Patrick Vaillancourt (Quest Level Design Director)

Gotham City, the true character of the game, has been completely redesigned to give players room to grow. The inspirations for the design of the North American city are numerous and range from New York and Montreal to the most amazing film Blade Runner. Gotham Knights’ Gotham isn’t a revamp of the Arkham Saga, let alone Christopher Nolan’s, but rather something similar to The Batman… with a twist!

We wanted to spend time creating something new with a special flavor. We wanted Gotham to be dirty, grimy. The size, proportions, and materials are realistic, but we wanted to make sure we had film noir lighting above all else. For us, something was still missing. When you looked at the characters, they had very bright colors. We add these colors to film noir in different ways. – Mathieu Houle (Assistant Art Director)

Gotham Knights: Batman is dead!  How to make a good game without the Dark Knight?

A new generation of heroes

Batman’s untimely death forces his apprentices to step out of his shadow and take responsibility. The Dark Knight’s four former companions, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake, must step forward. However, they have yet to be realized as heroes. Gotham Knights tells the story of their quest to become Mouse Man’s worthy successors.not ersatz, but heroes in their own right. The disappearance of Batman was thus a necessity to witness the arrival of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin.

The more we looked at it, the more we realized that the best angle to deliver that experience was the heroes adjacent to Batman. Because they are young. Each one has their own style, their own dynamics, their own philosophies and challenges. They are already evil heroes in their own way, but they have plenty of room to grow. They don’t even have to become Batman. We realized that the biggest obstacle to delivering this experience was the presence of Batman. As long as he’s there, no one will really get involved in the story of these characters because he’s the most prepared person on the planet. He will appear and solve the problem. – Patrick Redding (Creative Director)

Our four heroes have the same background as Batman and have a common foundation, a foundation on which their own approach to justice is built. Each, in their own way, is a distorted reflection of the Dark Knight, representing a facet of the vigilante. Nightwing is a born leader. Red Hood favors brute force. Robin can rely on his stealth and his gadgets. As for the acrobatic Batgirl, she represents the symbol of justice that Gotham sorely needs. From both gameplay and writing, the crossed destinies of our heroes differ and converge depending on the story.

We wanted each hero to play differently. I am a stubborn guy. We wanted the story to reflect the progression of the heroes. We are playing an action RPG. Heroes can also make many decisions and thus affect their progression. – Geoff Ellenor (Game Director)

Gotham Knights: Batman is dead!  How to make a good game without the Dark Knight?

And after Gotham Knights?

Batman is a real goose that lays the golden eggs for Warner Bros. Entertainment. The American firm intends to capitalize on the Dark Knight universe and exploit it in all formats. First of all, in video games, with the launch for the first half of 2023 of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in which Batman could eventually appear. In the Live Action series, we will have to count on Gotham Knights…which takes the starting point of the game of the same name and moves away from it. This can greatly contribute to the confusion between the different universes.

In the cinema, the Battinson will return to service in two official sequels to The Batmanbut no release date at the moment. Finally, we will find the protector of Gotham in several animated films of the DC Animated Movies, among them Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, Batman: Doom Came to Gotham Y Justice League: Warworld.

Gotham Knights: Batman is dead!  How to make a good game without the Dark Knight?

Gotham Knights will be released on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. It will be an opportunity to discover the Batman universe without Batman.

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Game News Gotham Knights: Batman is Dead! How to make a good game without the Dark Knight? – Ministry of the Gamer

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