Ghost in the Shell: In what order to watch its anime, OVAs and movies?

One of the greatest icons of science fiction has much more content than you can imagine

Ghost in the Shell” is one of the most revered works of Japanese science fiction, even if from the USA they intend to make it their own as with almost anything they touch (yes, I am talking about that great live-action that it is better not to name in excess). That is why Although the original classic is already quite far away, the IP has managed to stay active to this day, although not with the success of yesteryear, the reality is that the years have made “Ghost in the Shell” a franchise with many hotspots.

So, today I have done a little research to clarify how to enter this well-known anime franchise, because the truth is that currently there are as ‘four blocks’ through which you can enjoy “Ghost in the Shell”. Here are my findings:

Ghost in the Shell

We start with the most classic classic of all, the one that started absolutely everything. This feature film directed by Mamoru Oshii launched not only the franchise but also the director to stardom. From the first moment “Ghost in the Shell” became considered a cult work that has remained forever as an absolute reference of science fiction, whether purely Japanese or global. The truth is that surely there is no better way to enjoy the franchise for the first time.

  • number of episodes: A 1 hour and 22 minute long film.
  • where to see: In theory, the film is edited by Selecta Visión, but it does not appear for purchase on its website.
  • Are there expectations of more anime?: Well yes, essentially because the film had its own sequel.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

As it is easy to interpret, this film represents a sequel to the original “Ghost in the Shell” feature film. Surely the most striking thing that one will find is that the events take place mostly without the presence of Motoko Kusanagi, the iconic protagonist whose figure is almost revered by lovers of science fiction. Basically, these first two movies served to make absolutely everyone know what “Ghost in the Shell” was.

  • number of episodes: A film of 1 hour and 39 minutes.
  • where to see: In this case it is possible to find the movie in the Selecta Vision online store.
  • Are there expectations of more anime?: Not from this particular line. Although Ghost in the Shell has not stopped or stopped expanding, the first branch of IP movies put an end to its story at this point.

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

When it was to be assumed that “Ghost in the Shell” would never manage to find a more iconic job than that of its original film, again because of the before and after that it meant in science fiction and in that treatment of the human and the machine , ‘Stand Alone Complex’ arrived. Indeed, the time had come for Motoko Kusanagi to make the leap to television format and he did it through a first season that, simply, was stellar. Obviously, this is NOT a sequel to the first two movies, but a way to start the franchise over.

  • number of episodes: 26.
  • where to see: In Spain anime is not legally licensed.
  • Are there expectations of more anime?: Well yes, this was not the only season of this first episodic anime of the franchise.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG

As one can well guess from the title of this anime, in fact we find the direct sequel to ‘Stand Alone Complex’, or what comes to the same thing, a second season. The truth is that from this point on, the fact that each line of “Ghost in the Shell” will have more than one movie or season of content has been consolidated. Of course, unlike the first line of films, in this sequel Motoko Kusanagi remains a central character in the narrative.

2nd gig

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society

This special episode or movie, however one wants to consider it, marks the end of the ‘Stand Alone Complex’ brand relative to the “Ghost in the Shell” animes. In the same way that happened with the movie ‘Innocence’ originally, the content of ‘Ghost in the Shell’ after ‘Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society’ already belongs to what represents a new beginning or interpretation of the franchise. That yes, to tell the truth, surely ‘Stand Alone Complex’ is, as a whole, the best way to date to experience what is “Ghost in the Shell”.

  • number of episodes: A 1 hour and 48 minute long movie/special.
  • where to see: Indeed, the Stand Alone Complex line is completely out of legality in Spain.
  • Are there expectations of more anime?: Not from this particular line. Stand Alone Complex concluded with Solid State Society.
solid state society

Ghost in the Shell – Arise Border 1 the Movie: Ghost Pain

And we leave behind the brand ‘Stand Alone Complex’ to get into a completely new concept of “Ghost in the Shell”, distinguished by the motif ‘Arise’. Basically, after what was a mostly episodic anime narrated story (with the exception of Solid State Society), the ‘Arise’ brand took it upon themselves to return Motoko Kusanagi and company to what were the beginnings of the franchise: the movies. So yeah, from this point forward we get into a new beginning of the franchise that revolves around multiple feature films.

Arise Ghost In The Shell Border 2 Movie: Ghost Whispers

If there’s one thing that’s striking about the ‘Arise’ line of movies, it’s that, unlike for the first “Ghost in the Shell” feature films, the truth is that these are much shorter. Yes, essentially this is the second film within the ‘Arise’ compendium.

ghost whisper

Arise Ghost In The Shell Border 3 Movie: Ghost Tears

This is the third movie from “Ghost in the Shell” within the Arise line. Not much more to say at this point.

gost 3

Arise Ghost In The Shell Border 4 Movie: Ghost Stands Alone

The fourth film in the ‘Arise’ line and… the last. Indeed, this is by far the longest collection of films Motoko Kusanagi’s sci-fi tale has seen to date, though it may surprise more than one that this isn’t the conclusion of this set as such. . Yes, we still have a couple of contents left to finish rounding it up.

surge 4

Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Alternative Architecture

What’s this if the ‘Arise’ line of movies concludes with ‘Ghost Stands Alone’? Well basically an adaptation of all the feature films but in episodic anime format, also including a new narrative arc. This anime is not only important for introducing a new arc, but also because it gives rise to what will be the final content of ‘Arise’. Within all the compilation contents of “Ghost in the Shell” (and there are several), this is surely the most important of all.

  • number of episodes: 10.
  • where to see: There is no way to see it legally in Spain.
  • Are there expectations of more anime?: Yes, a final content that closes Arise definitively.
ghost architecture

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie (The Rising)

And after converting all the content of ‘Arise’ into an episodic anime, it was decided that the best way to end the line was through a whole new movie. Of course, unlike all the previous feature films in this compendium, the truth is that ‘The Rising’ did have a duration much more similar to that of the original films. A good end point for this new approach.

  • number of episodes: A 1 hour and 40 minute long film.
  • where to see: Unfortunately it is not in Spain.
  • Are there expectations of more anime?: Of this line no. While Ghost in the Shell as such does have more anime, Arise concludes at this point.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

and we come to the most modern, recent and… controversial expression of all “Ghost in the Shell”. Yes, ‘SAC_2045’ is another new beginning for this sci-fi franchise. which, on this occasion, is by far the one that has received the least acceptance from the original public. In essence, there is a very clear reason: the use of a CGI that is very unconvincingespecially looking back and seeing how “Ghost in the Shell” was a reference not only for its exploration of a fascinating concept of science fiction, but also for having an elite aesthetic.

ghost in the shell sack

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Season 2

As its title reveals without any mystery, this content represents the second season of SAC_2045. Again, without pain or glory, although if I had to tip the balance more on one side than the other, I would definitely do it on the side of penalty.

  • number of episodes: 12.
  • where to see: Netflix.
  • Are there expectations of more anime?: Ghost in the Shell always comes back, I think that’s more than proven. Although time may pass without anything announced, it is clear that it will end up happening.

and up to here the key content divided into 4 large blocks to enjoy everything that has been relevant to the franchise in recent decades. Although there are compilation films and very random content, I have preferred to leave those aside in the face of the reality that the trunk of “Ghost in the Shell” is more than enough to have one with hours and hours of viewing. And that said, this is all for now, but surely there will be more.

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Ghost in the Shell: In what order to watch its anime, OVAs and movies?

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