Ghost Rider explains why he doesn’t want to take on the Hulk

Marvel Comics reveals the real reason Ghost Rider doesn’t want to fight the Incredible Hulk.

Hulk Y Ghost Rider they are two of the most powerful characters in Marvel and it could be interesting to see them in combat. Their powers come from very different origins and that would add a touch of emotion in the event that this hypothetical fight occurred.

Marvel Comics Reveals The Real Reason Ghost Rider Doesn’t Want To Fight The Incredible Hulk

Hulk is a being of incomparable strength and Ghost Rider It is a force that has a supernatural origin and it seems that it has a much more noticeable weakness. While it is true that both beings are incredibly strong and excel in their respective facets, there are many reasons why they try to avoid each other. However, in the thoughts of Ghost Rider there is only one reason why he refuses to face Hulkand it’s not because I’m intimidated, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Marvel has finally unveiled their new Hulk, giving us a sneak peek at what he'll look like.

Marvel has finally unveiled their new Hulk, giving us a sneak peek at what he’ll look like.

One of the most memorable cases in which Ghost Rider fought the Hulk was during the crossover event known as world war hulk within the pages of Ghost Rider: Vicious Cycle #13of Daniel Way and Javier Saltares. In that number, Ghost Rider is fighting against Hulk in the name of the heroes to whom Hulk wants to defeat after his betrayal occurred at the beginning of this event posted by marvel comics.

At first the body Ghost Rider is completely under the control of the conscience of johnny blazewhich allows the actions of Ghost Rider are driven by conscious thought instead of hellish purpose. However, as the fight progresses, Johnny loses control and the body of Ghost Rider is again surpassed by himself Spirit of Vengeance. Once the Spirit of Vengeance takes over his body and decision-making, he quickly leaves Hulk in peace and allows him to continue his hunger for revenge since the heroes for whom Ghost Rider he was fighting previously did not deserve his protection.

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Ghost Rider stalking his prey

In Ghostrider #11of Tony Isabella and Sal Buscema, Ghost Rider Y Hulk they meet for the first time when Hulk confuses Ghost Rider with an enemy. Earlier in this issue, Hulk is attacked by a demon who pretends to be Ghost Riderwhich triggers the conflict between Hulk and the real Spirit of Vengeance. When the assumption Ghost Rider ends up attacking Hulk He begins to use his powers that are capable of ending the lives of the most powerful heroes of the publisher. Once Hulk and the Ghost Rider royal Face Off, Ghost Rider can incapacitate Hulk without the need to use deadly force and this makes him a fearsome character.

Ghostrider #11 shows that Ghost Rider has the power to kill Hulk in Ghost Rider: Vicious Cycle #13 and shows that Ghost Rider does not want to kill Hulk and that’s why she doesn’t want to face him. However, this reason is somewhat ambiguous because Ghost Rider I would never want to be in the position to kill Hulk It is an option and seen in the comic Ghostrider #11 confirm exactly why.

Ghost Rider explains why he doesn't want to take on the Hulk

The reason why this demon wanted that Hulk will fight against Ghost Rider It wasn’t because I thought that in the first place Hulk was strong enough to kill the Spirit of Vengeancebut because I knew that Ghost Rider had the power to kill Hulk, and that is exactly what he wanted and would end up happening. Yes Ghost Rider were to deliberately kill an innocent person, the soul of johnny blaze would be exposed so that Mephisto I would claim it

The fact that Ghost Rider having the means to kill the Hulk does not mean that the Hulk was easily defeated. Furthermore, the death of him would also imply the death of Johnny. Hulk is so strong that it could bind Ghost Rider to kill him and if this happened then the soul of Johnny would be at stake, and he too would end up being defeated.

Hulk is still alive, everything has been a lie from Thor to set his friend free

Hulk is still alive, everything has been a lie from Thor to set his friend free

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Ghost Rider explains why he doesn’t want to take on the Hulk

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