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The biggest development in electric trucks may be the arrival of two GM cousins: the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the GMC Sierra EV. These brands have a huge following that may move the needle for American driving, along with the Ford F-150 Lightning. The Sierra and Silverado are known for their similarity, but here’s a look at how their electric versions will be different.


The Silverado arrives first in spring 2023 as the WT or Work Truck edition, and the full-body RST model will arrive in the fall of 2023. Many of the main features and specifications will be on this truck. The GMC Sierra EV arrives in early 2024 like the higher-end Denali Edition 1, though other trims are likely to be announced closer to launch. That delay is less noticeable when you remember that the GMC division was the first to come out with the Hummer EV.

body style

Although the underlying body shapes are very similar, the details placed along those lines make it easy to distinguish one from the other. The Sierra’s face is dominated by a narrow, full-width horizontal beamline, while the Sierra features a large brand plate where the grille used to be.

Chevrolet Silverado EV RST 2024. / Photo: Courtesy Chevrolet.
Credit: Chevrolet | Courtesy

Both will offer a fixed panoramic glass roof and will only come in Crew Cab editions, at least initially. Keep in mind that shortening or lengthening an electric truck is more complicated than with a conventional truck, since it involves the huge central battery that forms the base of the vehicle in a skid arrangement.

Autonomy and charge

Both trucks have a maximum range of 400 miles, as you would expect from sharing the same Ultium battery platform. Both vans support DC fast charging at up to 350kW, which can add 100 miles in 10 minutes. This is especially important for vehicles that can be used as power banks at the job site, perhaps too much to get home without a fast charge.


This is interesting: At first, the High-end saw promised 90 horsepower and 5 pound-feet more torque than a top-end Silverado, but in October, Chevy revised its specs to match the Sierra’s: a maximum of 754 hp and 785 lb-ft of torque. You can get any of these big guys to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds using a special power mode that Chevy calls WOW – Wide Open Watts – and GMC simply calls Full Power Mode.

GMC Sierra EV AT4 2025
GMC Sierra EV AT4 2025. / Photo: Courtesy GMC.
Credit: GMC Sierra EV Elevation 2025. / Photo: Courtesy GMC. | Courtesy

external power

Both trucks can power your 120-volt AC equipment in the field via the built-in household power outlets, or power at least part of your home if it’s properly wired for backup.. In any case, the maximum electrical power of the trucks is 10.2 kilowatts. For reference, a typical household plug has a power rating of 1.8 kilowatts. Many electric vehicles boast power export capabilities, but a full-size 400-mile electric truck has a particularly large battery that makes the proposition more interesting.


There is an interesting difference in the way these trucks steer.s: Both have four-wheel steer, which radically reduces the turning radius and makes the truck feel shorter, but the Sierra takes it a step further with a unique Crab Walk mode, as seen on the Hummer EV. Crab Walk mode allows the truck to move in a diagonal line while pointing forward. Great, but four-wheel steering is the most important feature, and both trucks offer it.

2024 GMC Sierra Denali Edition 1 EV
GMC Sierra Denali Edition 1 EV 2024. / Photo: Courtesy GMC.
Credit: GMC | Courtesy


The Silverado will offer a maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds in a proper finish, while the Sierra has a maximum of 9,500 pounds, though this may change prior to release. Chevrolet promises a later version of the Silverado EV that will tow up to 20,000 pounds, dwarfing even the whopping 14,000-pound capacity of the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck expected in 2023 alongside the Silverado.


There’s a world of difference between these two new trucks once you get behind the wheel. The Sierra has a 16.8-inch center screen in portrait mode and a smaller horizontal screen in front of the driver as the instrument panel. Both are clearly square and are mounted in a way that says “tablet.”

The dashboard of the Silverado shows a more elegant and organically shaped screen arrangement: 17 inches in the center and 11 in front of the driver, but all in a horizontal arrangement that keeps everything at or above the line of the steering column for easier viewing.

2024 GMC Sierra Denali Edition 1 EV
GMC Sierra Denali Edition 1 EV 2024. / Photo: Courtesy GMC.
Credit: GMC | Courtesy

Each truck has a robust set of physical knobs and buttons for things that should always be controlled that way, as opposed to Tesla’s overly screen-centric philosophy.

driver assistance

Both trucks will offer GM’s excellent Super Cruise, with added capacity to match the weight of what’s being towed. This is critical, as driver assists that are out of calibration can be worse than no assist at all. Also keep in mind that SuperCruise has recently been expanded to operate on 400,000 miles of highways in the United States and Canada, which is doubling its previous applicability map.

Now that you think you know the full-size electric pickup truck landscape, don’t forget that the Ram electric truck will debut at CES in January, and the Tesla Cybertruck is promised to arrive late next year. Along with the classic Rivian, it’s a great time to buy a truck, if you have the money and the patience.

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