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We are only a few days away from the arrival of god of war ragnarok to PS5 and PS4 consoles. If it was already one of the most anticipated titles of 2022 for many, the arrival of its reviews only increased the excitement. Since they profile it as one of the best games of the year.

Perhaps you are already impatient to play it and you did not have time to play the previous ones before its release. That is why we decided to give you a relatively quick recount of the history of this saga. From its roots in ancient Greece to Kratos’ first Norse journey.

God of War started with a defeated Kratos

as you surely know God of War It is the story of Kratos. He was a prodigious general with an enigmatic past. He did not know his father and both his mother and his brother disappeared in a mysterious way. Which influenced the great anger he always felt.

After a defeat that left him on the verge of death, Kratos asked Ares for help. He promised that if he saved him, he would be his faithful follower for the rest of his existence. The god of war accepted and made the Spartan a servant of the gods of Olympus.

To make him even more docile, Ares set him up and caused Kratos to kill his family. This aroused in him an enormous resentment, towards Ares in particular, but also towards the remnants of the gods. This act also cursed him with the white appearance of his skin. Since this she is stained with the ashes of his wife and her daughter.

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After a few years in the service of Ares, Kratos attempted to break his pact with the god. This led him to be punished by the Furies, who imprisoned him in God of War: Ascension. In this very title she finds the hope of redemption. But the path implies continuing to serve the gods.

In God of War: Chains of Olympus he was tasked with rescuing the god Helios. This leads Kratos to discover a plan to destroy the gods and humanity, devised by Persephone, the wife of Hades. However, the Spartan manages to stop him, which opens the way for his next mission: to kill the two of the war.

Ares’s death was just the beginning.

After ten years of servitude, Kratos’ next great mission came in the first God of War. Here the goddess Athena asks for your help to end the life of Ares. In return he will be released from his service and forgiven for killing his family. Obviously Kratos accepts because of the hatred he had towards the god of war.

However, ending his life is not an easy task, since it requires the contents of Pandora’s box. This leads Kratos on a long journey that even takes him to the underworld and on the back of the Titan Cronos. To finally find the mythical box and release the power of it.

The fight between Kratos and Ares in the first God of War
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With the help of this, Kratos grows to a size that allows him to face the god of war. After a long fight, Kratos is victorious and impales Ares with a sword, ending his life. Although his sins are forgiven, the guilt remains with him.

Kratos tries to end his life, but is rescued by Athena. The goddess takes him to Olympus where he is crowned the new god of war. This is where it ends God of War original, with a mortal turned into a god. Although of course not everything ended there.

The God of War story continues with the sequel and Ghost of Sparta

The next title chronologically was God of War: Ghost of Sparta. In it Kratos, already as a god, begins to have visions of his missing brother, Deimos. This makes him travel to the temple of Poseidon in search of answers about his past. There he finds his mother, who before she can reveal who her father is, is transformed into a beast. After being forced to kill her, Kratos leaves for Sparta on the advice of her mother to search for Deimos.

Little by little we learn that Deimos was kidnapped by the gods due to a prophecy. This said that Olympus would fall because of a warrior with scarred skin. Kratos’ brother was born with a strange marking along his back and head. The same one that Kratos recreated in the form of a tattoo on his own skin and in honor of his brother.

Ghost of Sparta introduced us to Kratos' brother
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Kratos finds his brother being tortured by the god Thanatos and together they defeat him. However Deimos succumbs to his battle wounds. Shortly after Athena reveals the whole truth to Kratos and asks him to keep the secret. However, the Spartan assures him that the gods will pay for what they did. Making way for the events of God of War II.

In this sequel Kratos, who is hated by the rest of the Olympian gods, is betrayed by Zeus. After draining all the power from him, he ends his life with a thrust to the abdomen. But in his fall to the underworld, the Spartan is rescued by the titan Gaia, who seeks revenge against the gods. She tasks Kratos with finding the Sisters of Fate, who have the power to alter time. With which she will be able to return exactly to the moment of the betrayal of Zeus.

The betrayal of Zeus and the attack on Olympus

In the last moments of God of War II, Kratos achieves his goal and returns to the moment before his death. Here he confronts Zeus with the help of the sword of Olympus and subdues the king of the gods. However, just before killing him, Athena shields Zeus from Kratos’ final blow and dies. This gives the lightning god time to escape to Olympus.

With the last of her strength, Athena reveals that Kratos is the son of Zeus. The latter considered that his scion was becoming very strong and feared that he would usurp his throne. It was because of this that he betrayed him and tried to kill him. Unfortunately this became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Since the anger of the betrayal and the death of Athena make Kratos, with the help of the titans, initiate a great assault on Olympus.

It is at this exact moment where it begins God of War III. With Kratos and the titans climbing Mount Olympus. Here one by one he is finishing with the remnants of the gods. Apollo, Hades, Hermes, Hera and Hephaestus succumb to Kratos’ strength until only Zeus remains.

Again Kratos is in need of Pandora’s box, which inside has the power of hope. With it, the ancient god of war is able to end Zeus’s life once and for all. However, Kratos’ revenge came at a great price for humanity.

Given this, Kratos decides to commit suicide with the sword of Olympus to release the power of hope and leave it to humans. But that was not the end of the warrior, since a post-credits scene suggests that the ghost of Sparta survived.

The great gap between God of War III and the Nordic saga

The next stage in the history of God of War continues in a series of comics known as Fallen God. In the first issue we see Kratos trying to get away from his blades of chaos, which follow him wherever he goes. His desperation makes him wander the world and arrives in the lands of Egypt, where he finds some beings from Egyptian mythology. They insist that his past will never let him rest.

Shortly after the ghost of Athena appears to him telling him that his destiny is to return home and fulfill his destiny. In addition to this, Kratos comes across a village where an oracle tells him to prepare for an upcoming battle. Immediately afterwards some beasts appear threatening a small village.

Fallend God fills the gap between God of War III and 2018's
Source: Dark Horse Comics

One of these beasts makes him have a vision where Kratos converses with Athena and the Egyptian god, Thoth. Both of them repeat to him that he cannot escape from his destiny, which is linked to the swords of chaos. They insist that his destiny is already written and must be fulfilled at any cost.

God of War Fallen God it ends with Kratos using his chaos blades again and accepting that he is doomed. Also throughout the comic Athena is quite active and seems to be on constant watch for the ancient god of war. But the question arises Why would the Greek goddess have allied herself with Thoth?

One step before the end

We finally reached the Nordic stage that we saw in God of War 2018. Although it is a relative mystery what happened between Egypt and Midgard, we know that Kratos found love. At that time he met Faye and had a son whom he named Atreus.

This title begins with the death of Faye, who is cremated. Her dying wish was that her ashes be scattered on the highest peak of all the nine realms. Just as father and son are about to fulfill this promise, they are attacked by a stranger.

This stranger identifies himself as Baldur and is searching for Faye for unknown reasons. After momentarily evading it, Kratos and Atreus set off on a grand quest to find the highest peak. However, everything turns out to be a complex plan by Faye so that they know the fate of Kratos and Atreus. Since she was a giant and these beings were recognized for the certainty of her prophecies.

God of War in is in talks of being brought to Amazon Prime Video
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However, apparently Faye had something of a feud with the god Odin. In addition to this, Kratos Atreus’ trip caused them to kill several members of Asgard, even if it was in self-defense. Unfortunately this could be the preamble to all the difficulties they will face in Ragnarok.

We also can’t forget that at the end it is revealed that Atreus’s name among the giants was Loki. Who according to Norse mythology plays an important role in the end of the world, along with other gods, such as Thor and Heimdall. It’s not long before we see how they envisioned this event in God of War Ragnarok. And also if it will be revealed what is the fate of Kratos to which Athena makes so much reference.

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