God of War Ragnarok’s change into a character that is equally charming and intriguing fans

The 2022 GOTY hopeful has a lot to be proud of and one of the most notable has been the way in which he adapts Norse mythology to his own identity. God of War Ragnarok has introduced a number of unique creatures, characters, and lore.

And the truth is that he has done very well, even with greater depth than in god of war of 2018, another great work of Santa Monica Studio.

One of the clearest examples can be seen in a unique character that appears during the first few hours of the game. If you don’t want to find out, we warn you that this article contains minor spoilers.


God of War Ragnarok -ANALYSIS ON PS5

We refer to ratatoska character that has drawn a lot of attention from players due to its unique appearance and characteristics. Have you already met him? We refer to the talking squirrel that inhabits the world tree Yggdrasil.

This squirrel has been completely redesigned, because if you were one of those who completed the game 100% god of war from PS4 surely it will sound familiar to you. Indeed, it was an invocation that insulted us when it appeared and messed with us while giving us some items.

In God of War Ragnarok, Ratatosk has radically changed and is now a full-fledged character. His particular design with the eye patch and his eloquent ways of addressing Kratos and Atreus They have enchanted many players, who perhaps did not know of the existence of this squirrel.

A good number of unknowns have been raised around the furry little friend and his role in the plot. Well, here we are going to tell you who is Raratosk in norse mythology.

Ratatosk in God of War Ragnarok: the nosy squirrel who watches over Yggdrasil

Known as Ratatösk or Ratatoskr, this rodent is one of the most unknown characters in the bestiary and Nordic culture and also one of the most particular, with an extremely curious role.

the tree of the world, yggdrasil, the structure that governs the nine kingdoms of this mythology is inhabited by a few beings, Ratatösk being one of them. This is mentioned in the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda, the great writings of mythology.

Although her role is small, it certainly appears to be a very special one, as she is the person in charge of transmitting hate messages dedicated to the nameless eagle that lives on top of Yggdrasil and the dragon Níðhöggr, who resides in its roots… something like an ancient Twitter.

Basically, what Ratatosk does is deliver these messages, but some say that it also manipulates them to continue sowing discord between the two creatures. The gossipy squirrel travels throughout Yggdrasil observing and meeting beings from all kingdoms… What is his role in God of War Ragnarok?

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It’s better that you find out for yourself. If you want to discover more news and curiosities about God of War Ragnarok, you cannot miss these latest news that have been released about the adventure of Kratos and Atreus.

On the one hand, the beautiful and heartbreaking tribute from a God of War Ragnarok developer that will make you cry a lot and, on the other, that you know that PETA has asked Santa Monica Studio that God of War Ragnarok has a cruelty-free mode.

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God of War Ragnarok’s change into a character that is equally charming and intriguing fans

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