‘Gotham Knights’: Batman is dead

Batman is dead, but the adventure continues. After the first foray into the video game market with batmanforever, back in 1996, he left us a pure and hard fighting title; In 2009, an amazing adventure starring the batman titled Batman Arkham Asylum, which would lead to a truly successful trilogy. Now, the Batman saga returns with Gotham Knights.

But before we get into the new installment, let’s go back to Batman Arkham Asylum. Moving away from cinematographic accompaniments, finally a superhero had his own adventure with a spectacular finish. we had the ability to freely roam around Gotham City completing missions and gathering information to take down criminals Straight out of the phrenopathy hospital and Arkham Prison. We had some scenarios correctly recreated from the cosmopolitan fantasy of HP Lovecraft, inventor of the place. A fantastic gothic city in Massachusetts in New England that DC Comics took advantage of to give shelter to the most colorful superheroes of its factory. A third-person adventure where it was never daytime and we were always accompanied by fog and humidity in the environment.

Frantic combats against numerous opponents at the same time, puzzles and the possibility of driving the famous batmobile to find objectives, with the possibility of calling him to come to our rescue, use the hook and the cape in the form of bat wings to dominate the city from the rooftops and the highest points of the city. All this accompanied by cinematics perfectly inserted into the game that gave it a cinematic rhythm with which the player truly felt like the protagonist of the adventure.

A Batman video game, following Batman’s death

This new video game that is now being released, Gotham Knightstakes place immediately after the hypothetical death of Batman. In a Gotham city that no longer has that Arkham prison redoubt where criminals were more or less controlled. Now we must go through the five districts of the city in search of any criminal activity.

We have the superheroes closest to the bat: Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and the one known as the second Robin, Jason Todd or Red Hood (red hood), for friends.

The four will be helped by the faithful Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler, who will give them instructions and all kinds of information. We can choose the character we want to face each of the missions and drive the batbike, which replaces the famous batmobile in the game. As in the games that belong to the Arkham trilogy, some marks on the asphalt will make it easier for us to reach the places where the desired objective is located. The fights are settled based on using combos and using the different weapons and arts that each of the characters has. Enemies will need to be hit enough times to cause the force bar above them to deplete and they will fall flat on the ground.

That with respect to what we can call the heap enemies, including the beasts with shields that are harder to peel. The recognized villains are flour of another costal. They have many more resources and their power bar is much longer, so we will spend three times more time to kill them (because they will also be accompanied by minions that will be thrown at us like vermin). Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, the Court of Owls, Poison Ivy and an amazing Harley Quinn that instead of being armed with her famous baseball bat, she has a long mallet to slash at troche and moche. Nope, The Joker is not in the game, although Harley Quinn does look quite similar in her more violent appearances.. The bride and groom blend in.

To help us in the adventure, each of the four characters that we can choose has four skill trees, depending on their characteristics. This gives the title role-playing characteristics. In this way we will be able to improve each of the protagonists of the video game and choose the one that is closest to our taste or type of management to achieve the goal of being the last Dark Knight.

There is no multiplayer mode, so required lately. What we can, in addition to playing individually, is to play in cooperative mode with another player, regardless of where they are on the stage.

Gotham Knights trailer

Gotham Knights will appeal not only to the staunch superheroes, but also to that player who is already tired of getting into scrubs on-line.

It will not be available on PS4, Xbox One and Switch

LThe bad news is that PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch players won’t be able to enjoy it.. It seems that the latest generation consoles are making their way thanks to the decisions of some developers who are not willing to work twice as hard. Surely the reason is that we are way over a year late waiting for the release of Suicide Squad: kill the justice leaguethe suicide squad game led by a more talkative Harley Quinn.

The year 2022 will end with this great title from Warner Bros Games Montreal that will be available from October 21 and we hope that in 2023 we can enjoy the squad despite also being exclusive to PlayStation 5, Xbox series and PC.

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‘Gotham Knights’: Batman is dead

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