Gotham Knights Impressions: A Chance To Prove There’s Life Beyond Batman

I consider myself a person who greatly enjoys superhero movies and series. I owe part of this to Marvel and their excellent work in creating the MCU, but I also don’t want to detract from the excellent work of DC, the eternal rival, when it comes to adapting their stories about heroes like Batman or Superman. Video games have also been a great help in expanding both brands, and I think Gotham Knights aspires to be the work that tries to go a little further and contribute something fresh to the usual formulas.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit tired of so many Batmans, so many Jokers and the same old references. I know very well that In the DC house there are many fascinating characters who are not getting a chance to shine.and that is why it is so important that games like Gotham Knights exist.

batman is dead. In its day they presented us with this work with this great lapidary phrase. Who is going to defend Gotham now that the Dark Knight is gone? Is all lost? Well no, because they exist Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, the new heroes who now step forward to win over everyone. It’s time to see what they want to tell us.

Two hours testing Gotham Knights

After making this introduction about what I think it means Gotham Knights for the future of Warner and DC, it’s time to talk about the subject for which you have come to read this article. yes a few days ago I had the pleasure of playing for a couple of hours to what’s new from WB Games Montreal, and it’s time to tell you my impressionsso much what I liked most What the doubts that left me.

My first contact with the game was somewhat slow and rough, I don’t know if it was because I’m not used to playing on PC or because of the nerves caused by not knowing if I had everything configured correctly. be that as it may I started my game choosing Red Hood and doing one of the first missions of the campaign, where you had to search for clues related to Batman’s death.

gotham knights

In this section I was able to tinker a bit with the character and, curiously, at first the combat system gave me the feeling that it would be shallow and that it focused more on “the spectacular executions” than on the combos themselves. Fortunately my doubts dissipated as skills were unlocked specials (each character has their own).

After handing out a lot of shit to the bad guys, I think the fights are very much in line with what we saw in Marvel’s Spider-Manas they play around a lot with perfect dodges, counters, combos, and can even get really intense in boss encounters. When fighting with Harley Quinn I verified that it doesn’t matter if you take Red Hood or Batgirl, you’re going to sweat a bit to lower her life bar.

gotham knights
Gotham Knights has very colorful executions

Along with these pure and simple action-focused mechanics, the aspect that most convinced me of Gotham Knights was its audiovisual section. Graphically we are facing a fairly powerful title that offers good lighting, a great level of detail in the scenarios and really polished animations that shine in combat. In fact I was especially struck by the expressiveness of the facesboth of my character and of the enemies, when taking damage or attacking.

At the sound level I can not put too many hits. I had the opportunity to hear how the voices sound in Spanish and they work wonderfully with what could be expected from a great AAA production, and on the other hand the sound effects are very careful. With respect to soundtrack I don’t want to spoil any other song that caught me completely off guard and made me vibrate with emotion, but I’ll tell you in advance that This section will make you smile more than once.

gotham knights
This jail mission is pretty fun

What doubts did I have after I stopped playing?

Like is logic, in two hours of play I could not see everything I would like from Gotham Knights. Glimpse some remnant of that part of investigation and puzzles that so much presence has in the comics of Batman and company (in fact we must not forget that these new heroes act as “detectives”). But of course, from a puzzle and a couple of clue-seeking sections not many conclusions can be drawn.

With the exploration the same thing happened to me If Gotham Knights is going to have a big city where you see they are going to commit crimes and certain events in history are going to happen, I would have liked to know how the characters move around the map. I was able to go through several scenarios on a motorcycle and I was satisfied with the exploration by land, but what about the aerial one? What is it like to move across the rooftops?, What points of interest are there in Gotham?, How do pedestrians behave? I needed to clear all those unknowns.

Batgirl’s control is pretty good

He was also convinced that by testing the game together with other journalists he would be able to see how the cooperative mode. Unfortunately they didn’t give us that opportunity and to this day I don’t know how rewarding it will be to fight alongside a friend.

And for the end I wanted to leave the history of the game, one of the most important aspects for many people. As I commented in the first paragraphs of the article, I am curious to see how the four main characters develop and relate to each other. In the event “they left me with honey on my lips”, by presenting me the most characteristic features of each hero and their way of coping with the absence of Batman. The only thing I can tell you at the moment is that the plot is promising.

gotham knights

Solidity and affection

Beyond the typical visual and sound failures that appear in versions prior to launch, Gotham Knights seemed like a very solid video game in all its aspects. It offers a combat system that aims to be deeper and more varied than it might seem at first glance, its story has fascinating overtones and an audiovisual level that is brimming with quality and a lot of care.

There are still doubts and unknowns that will not be cleared up until the day comes October 21but I firmly believe that we will be before a good action game that fans of DC comics will like.

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Gotham Knights Impressions: A Chance To Prove There’s Life Beyond Batman

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