Grant Morrison criticizes the evil Superman stories

The stories of an evil Superman have become very common in the last decade and the legendary screenwriter has been critical of them.

Probably intended as a response to the argument that Superman’s sane personality is “outdated” either “boring” these days, the video game franchise injustice or DC Comics movies and series have popularized the idea that Kal-El can become corrupted if his connection to humanity, usually Lois Lane, is removed.

However, the legendary screenwriter of comicsGrant Morrison, the man behind one of the most acclaimed Superman stories of all time, has criticized the trend of turning Superman evil in a new interview.

Before the launch of his new crossover series Superman & the Authoritythe veteran writer called the trope that Clark Kent becomes corrupted once he loses Lois is “ridiculous” In an interview with CBR:

This is what Grant Morrison said about this topic

“I think the idea that Superman would react to Lois Lane’s death by becoming a tyrant is ridiculous; my mom and dad died and I didn’t become a tyrant. If I can handle it, Superman can handle it.”.

Morrison’s words carry some weight, as he is the author of all star superman, one of the most acclaimed comics featuring the Last Son of Krypton. As Frank Quitely illustrates, All-Star is a story arc that fans often hold up as a great example of why Superman’s all-good nature and capacity for compassion are exactly what make him interesting as a hero and not upside down.

Certain fans would agree with what Morrison has to say, but it’s clear that the subgenre “Evil Superman” of DC stories won’t be going away anytime soon. Even the series Superman and Lois from The C.W.who has been praised mostly for her wholesome take on the character, is in the middle of a story arc. “Corrupt Clark.” And let’s not forget the plethora of superhero series, such as The Boys and invinciblewhich feature dark heroes resembling the man of steel.

About Superman & the Authority

Sometimes even the man of steel must deal with nearly impossible tasks. Sometimes even the last son of Krypton needs help. Some tasks require non-yelling methods and heroes “League of Justice”, so Clark Kent, looks for Manchester Black, the most cowardly villain, to form a completely new Authority in charge of taking over some businesses on the sly. Black will not only meet the right candidates for the team, but if Superman can make him behave and act in the service of the greater good, he will prove literally anyone can be a hero. However, they will have to move quickly, as the Ultra-Humanite forms his own team to take out the Man of Steel.

This new limited series will help launch a new Superman status quo, setting up story elements that will reverberate across both Action Comics and the rest of the world. Superman: Son of Kal-El in the coming months.

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Grant Morrison criticizes the evil Superman stories

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