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Comics, movies, animation and even video games have recently given free rein to the idea of ​​creating an evil version of superman.

Although multiple versions of the character have emerged in the past, the idea of ​​a Superman who is disrupted and begins to dominate the world in an authoritarian way, began to be solved with the creation of the universe of injustice. This initiative gave rise to a successful video game developed by the studio responsible for Mortal Kombat and the creation of comics that expanded that universe in which the Joker murders Lois and that causes the man of steel to simply lose his sanity and become a dictator. And let no leaf move without his knowledge.

The apocalyptic future of batman v. Supermanand everything that later began to take shape in the movies of the DC universe, was later undeniably influenced by that idea to begin developing the so-called snyderverse.

But there is a large group of Superman fans, especially those who define themselves as comic book readers, who have never been in favor of the influence that the Injustice universe has exerted, since their proposal for the character is too far from the basics. that have always characterized the founding hero who is defined as a beacon of hope.

In this context, and in an interview with the youtuber Daniel Feethe legendary screenwriter Grant Morrison, who delivered one of the most hopeful looks at the man of steel with what was the comic “All Star Superman”, delved into the recent miniseries Superman & the Authority, which he made together with cartoonist Mikel Janin.

This was originally going to be a story pushed as part of “5G,” an initiative that was going to leap into the future in the DC universe to usher in a new generation of heroes led by the son of Superman. All of that disintegrated, starting with the departure of former editor-in-chief Dan Didio, and was remade into what ended up being the “Future State” event. The latter gave a glimpse of a possible future for the heroes of the publishing house.

But the most relevant thing for Morrison has to do with the original idea that was proposed to him and the way in which he simply refused to carry it out.

The idea was that Superman was now this super authoritarian right-wing and he formed this team of the Authority to take control,” recalled the Scottish screenwriter with a laugh. “Superman is not a right-wing authoritarian! This is not how you should do it… please don’t make him this right wing tyrant, that’s not superman”, raised the writer.

Fear of seeing other authors turn Superman into a fascist figure prompted Morrison and Janin’s work, so their pitch for the comic was to present the superhero “as a pope” who should lay down the law for only the right reasons. All this within the framework of his work with the group the Authority, which since its creation were installed as the most violent heroes and who fulfilled their heroic tasks by all means necessary.

Superman and the Authority It was Morrison’s last work for DC Comics, and the writer has no plans to return to characters he’s already written for more than 30 years since his forays into the likes of Animal Man, Batman and The Doom Patrol.

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Grant Morrison: “Please, do not turn Superman into a right-wing tyrant” – La Tercera

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