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Superman is a character that has exerted a powerful influence on pop culture, the last few years have been especially good for him thanks to the rise of superhero movies and television. We’ve had more movies and series about him, but also some characters looking to flip the archetype of him, the so-called Evil Superman trope. Grant Morrisoncomic book writer all star superman, Doom Patrol, New X Men and many more, declares that evil figures of Superman or the like are ridiculous.

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Grant Morrison is about to launch a new cartoon, Superman and the Authorityand for the sake of publication he interviews CBR to discuss details about it, as well as some very personal opinions about the character of the Man of Steel. During the last few years we have seen the rise of characters that seek to subvert the traits of Superman, that is, we see an all-powerful superhero, but he is not pure goodness and justice, he has a dark side that represents serious inconveniences for everyone around him. A morrison he doesn’t like such a line.

It’s something that I’ve come to terms with and boiled down to the patriarchal structures that have been oppressing us, you can easily make Superman representative of that. This father-like figure who takes care of us can become authoritarian, but I think that’s a mistake. I think the idea that Superman would react to Lois Lane’s death by becoming a tyrant is ridiculous; my mom and dad died and I didn’t become a tyrant. If I can handle it, Superman can handle it.

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We have several examples. injustice, with Superman turning evil over the death of his loved one; TheBoys- 95%, with Homelander as a ruthless “superhero” who only seeks media attention; o Omni-Man in Invincible – Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania New Details of Bill100%, using his powers to brutalize. morrison He believes that there is no reason for a powerful being to fall so low when his physiognomy is so advanced. For CBRthe writer also talks about the idea that will follow Superman and the Authorityleaving aside the human perspective a bit and leaning towards the extraterrestrial one.

I think there’s a certain degree of, if it’s that powerful, couldn’t it change things? We lean into the idea that he’s a really good guy and he wants to do what’s best for us, but he’s not really human. He doesn’t want to break us, but he’s gotten to the point where he thinks that maybe he should break us, maybe we need this. He’s a bit scarier than Superman as an overbearing father with heat vision eyes, it’s more of an alien perspective that he’s like, ‘I’ve had enough of you.’ They’ve been screwing up too long and they’re really going to get hurt if I don’t do something.

There are colors to taste, and the idea of ​​the evil Superman is loved by many comic book fans. The entertainment industry will not stop exploiting it soon and we will surely see it in the future with the same intensity. Will Grant’s new comic bring us another interesting twist for the character? In accordance with CBRthe #1 of Superman and the Authority It will be published on July 20.

Meanwhile, fans have plenty to choose from in the superhero roster, especially the powerful kind like the Man of Steel. The entertainment industry continues to offer muscular men of great power who make good or bad moral decisions and are completely successful. If there’s one thing that can be recreated over and over again in Hollywood right now, it’s cinematic universes loaded with ultra-powerful characters.

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Grant Morrison says the idea of ​​evil Superman is ridiculous | tomatoes

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