Hawaii Five-0 Actor Joins Cast Of Season 6 Of Fox’s Medical Drama

Hawaii Five-0, the hit CBS crime drama featured Ian Anthony Dale for 8 of its 10 seasons playing one of the fan favorite characters. Now, the actor is embarking on the new installment of Fox’s medical drama.

Hawaii Five-0the crime series of the transmission chain CBS It aired between 2010 and 2020 with 10 seasons to its credit made up of a total of 240 episodes. The series starred Scott Cann, Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and an array of talented stars that included Ian Anthony Dalewho played Adam Noshimuri.

Hawaii Five-0 Actor Joins Cast Of Fox’s Medical Drama The Resident

In Hawaii Five-0, Adam Noshimuri was one of the police team members. In the CBS series, Ian Anthony Dale remained in the recurring role from the second season to the seventh installment of the drama, to become part of the main cast from season 8.

Hawaii Five-0’s Adam Noshimuri has been Ian Anthony Dale’s biggest role yet. In 2021, he played Tomi Okumura in the zombie drama AMC, The Walking DeadNow, more than two years after the end of the CBS series, the actor is appearing on screen again in an entirely different role in Season 6 of the network’s hit medical drama. Fox.

fans of The Residentin this week’s episode they met Ian Anthony Dale bringing the newest addition to the cast to life as Dr. James Yamada, a newly arrived cardiologist from Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, who describes himself as handsome, charismatic and self-confident and who is obviously interested in Billie, the character from Jessica Lucaswhom he invited to dinner, while a jealous Conrad eavesdrops.

Hawaii Five-0 actor Ian Anthony Dale, plays Dr. James Yamada in The Resident

The potential romance brewing between Conrad and The Resident’s Billie is about to hit a snag in the form of Hawaii Five-0 actor Ian Anthony Dale, who made his debut on Tuesday’s episode of The Resident. on Fox. Now, James Yamada’s interest in Billie seems to be complicating things in The Resident, especially when she doesn’t turn down his offer for dinner.

As teased in a recent promo for Tuesday’s episode, this forced Conrad and Billie to address some of their lingering feelings after sharing a meaningful slow dance at Kit and Bell’s wedding reception. According to series co-creator Amy Holden Jones, “her own emotions and obligations are confused at best” in the wake of that dance, though the chemistry between them has become what Jones calls “undeniable.” .

“I think Conrad has been in denial about his feelings for the first half of the season,” the EP previously told TVLine. “He really does have a crush on Cade, but that attraction was based on his mistaken notion that Billie, as Nic’s best friend, was off limits… Sometimes it takes a little while to realize that you can and should move on. your heart”.

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Hawaii Five-0 Actor Joins Cast Of Season 6 Of Fox’s Medical Drama

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