Hawaii Five-0: Daniel Dae Kim pays tribute to victim of racial crime on his anniversary

Recently, the popular star of Hawaii Five-0, Daniel Dae Kim, made headlines by paying tribute to a man who is well remembered by the Asian community in the United States and who the actor constantly takes as an example of the tragedies resulting from racial hatred.

Although the famous series Hawaii Five-0 finished airing in early 2020, fans don’t lose track of their beloved leads’ activities on and off screen. This was the case of the actor daniel dae kimwhose most recent post on social media has moved his followers.

Hawaii Five-0: Daniel Dae Kim Commemorates Vincent Chin’s 40th Anniversary

Remember that the actor daniel dae kim was one of the favorite cast members in the first seven seasons of Hawaii Five-0, during which time he played Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kell, a former member of the Task Force and a highly decorated ex-police officer. But after his reputation was tarnished by a corruption case, he decided to retire and join Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) to form the team Five-0.

During his tenure with Hawaii Five-0, daniel dae kim he became a series favorite and a linchpin of the show. However, after the actor and one of his co-stars, Grace Park, decided to ask for a salary adjustment, the CBS television network decided to reject the proposal and remove them from the program in the seventh season. Since then, far from being harmed, Daniel has managed to expand his artistic career as showrunner of the ABC medical drama, The Good Doctor and participating in other successful projects.

In a recent post on his personal Instagram account, the actor surprised his fans with a heartfelt tribute. daniel dae kim commemorated the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Vincent Chin, with a message explaining his motives, especially to new generations who may not have known what happened to Chin.

vincent chin was a 27-year-old Chinese-American man from Detroit who died on June 23, 1982, the victim of a violent hate crime. His attackers were two workers from the Chrysler vehicle plant, who mistook him for a Japanese man during the decline of the US auto industry, exacerbated by the incursion into the market of Japanese-made models.

Ronald Ebens and his stepson Michael Nitz, the killers, remorselessly admitted to hitting Vincent Chin viciously several times over the head with a baseball bat, after they got into an altercation while Chin was celebrating his bachelor party, just a week away. before getting married. The perpetrators were sentenced to probation and a $3,000 fine. The judge in the case, Charles Kaufman, argued that the defendants (both white) did not deserve to be sent to jail for murdering an Asian man they said had started the fight. This verdict generated a great wave of protests in the city.

Four decades later, both Ebens and Michael Nitz have never spent a single day in prison for their ruthless attack. Now on the anniversary of the attack, the actor from Hawaii Five-0, who is known to be a committed social activist, He decided to pay a small tribute to the young man and recommended his followers to see the movie “Who Killed Vincent Chin?”, which documents his tragic death step by step.

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Hawaii Five-0: Daniel Dae Kim pays tribute to victim of racial crime on his anniversary

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