Hawaii Five-0: Daniel Dae Kim revealed what was never said about his departure from the series

It’s been a year since the crime drama Hawaii Five-0 wrapped up its tenth season and four since the abrupt departure of Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly. Although the actor has referred to other times about the reason why he left the series, he is now shedding more light on the consequences of his dispute on the show.

Hawaii Five-0 is the police crime drama of the broadcast network CBSwhich ran for 10 seasons and came to an end on April 3 of last year, despite high viewership ratings.

Daniel Dae Kim said that to play Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii Five-0 cut his salary that he earned in the previous series

At the end of Hawaii Five-0 season 7, fans of the series were shocked by the abrupt departure of Chin Ho Kelly, the character of daniel dae kim since the first season. According to the plot of Hawaii Five-0, to get the character out they offered him to lead a special unit in San Francisco, an offer that the officer finally ended up accepting.

Although many will believe that the onscreen disappearance of Dae Kim’s character was a product of the creativity of the writers and the regular plot of Hawaii Five-0, the actor has previously expounded the reason for his departure from the series, the salary dispute.

It’s been four years since Daniel Dae Kim left Hawaii Five-0, and the actor is now speaking out about it again. Kim and her co-star Grace Park they sought wage parity with Alex O’Loughlin Y Scott Caan.

Daniel Dae Kim also revealed that the salary dispute for his role in Hawaii Five-0 resulted in a change in his relationship with his co-stars.

However, their petition was unsuccessful and so Kim and Park left the series at the close of season 7 of Hawaii Five-0 when the network did not give them the same salary as their co-stars. .

Now, Kim has chatted with Vulture about what happened and also revealed that he took a significant pay cut from the series. lost to Hawaii Five-0. This was what the actor said recently:

“One thing that has never really been reported correctly is the amount of pay cut I took to make Lost’s Hawaii Five-0. It was drastic and never recovered.”

His goal when his original contract with the Hawaii Five-0 was coming to an end at the end of Season 7 was to make up the “significant” pay difference between himself and O’Loughlin and Caan. Kim said that he asked CBS for the following:

“Make us all the same. Make us all the set I thought we always were, and take me back to where I was with Lost. I didn’t think it was an unreasonable position,” Kim continued toward the exit. It was very clear and simple. I was very transparent about it with my co-stars, with my showrunner, with the studio from the beginning. It became much more dramatic because of the way it didn’t come together.”

Kim also talked about joining forces with Asian-American cast member Park to negotiate a pay raise. The Hawaii Five-0 actor revealed that her relationship with her co-stars deteriorated after the salary dispute.

“The two things we had in common were that our contracts were in effect at the same time and that we were both Asian Americans on a show in Hawaii, where the Asian American population is significant.”

“I think anytime you have an ensemble of actors, everyone’s goals are unique and individual. So it’s hard for me to say collectively if they were allies on this… I know the way things turned out in the end changed my relationship with them.”

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Hawaii Five-0: Daniel Dae Kim revealed what was never said about his departure from the series

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