Hawaii Five-0: Everything we could not see on the screen due to the cancellation of the series

After spending a decade on the screen, you’d expect CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 to feature a long list of dramatic twists, but to the disappointment of its fans some of them couldn’t properly unfold due to the show’s cancellation.

Fans of the new version of Hawaii Five-O they still regret the end of the series at the beginning of the year 2020 after 10 seasons. Despite having suffered some ups and downs throughout his time on the CBS screen. It’s still a source of interest among fans of same-genre productions, especially after it failed to explore some final dramatic twists in an 11th season that never came to fruition.

Hawaii Five-0 could have moved on without its main character Steve McGarrett

For a decade, the Hawaii Five-0 audience witnessed not just the team’s cases, but their personal affairs, some of which were brought to a proper close at the end. However, there were also many loose ends that made a good part of its followers believe that it would be developed during a season 11. To the sadness of the public, it was never recorded and currently there is no hope that its producers or the chain will change their minds, at least short term.

On that missed opportunity in an 11th installment, a while ago the showrunner Peter M Lenkov talked about the frustrated plans in this regard. There are other stories that could have unfolded if the show continued, after the conclusion of its hero, Commander steve mcgarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) was very well received with an emotional scene with his ex-girlfriend rollins (Michelle Borth) aboard a plane.

M. Lenkov explained that this was not the original idea for the drama, because there were other planned arcs that they planned to leave open in the final episode of the tenth and give it continuity in another. According to the producer, a handful of little cliffhangers had been written that had to be removed. In total, there are 12 minutes of this episode that the production could not use, once the cancellation of Hawaii Five-0 was final.

Hawaii Five-0 could have developed several interesting stories to have aired its season 11

The showrunner revealed that one of the new characters that joined in the last season, lincoln cole, played by Lance Gross, would have become a regular cast member brought into the crew’s ranks full-time if the show had a future. He added that the series was prepared to go ahead without one of its leads, Alex O’Loughlin, whom he blames as one of the key elements of the show’s ending since he asked the creators to remove him.

An arc that could have also been developed involves a preview of the relationship between tani (Meaghan Rath) and Junior (Beulah Koale). When the first discovers that the second has been supporting in some way the family of her ex, whose boyfriend she had killed in episode 16 of season 9. Another deleted scene that could have reached more. has as its protagonist Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), when he was greeted at HQ headquarters by an unwelcome guest, Yakuza big shot Ryo, who warns him to be more aware of his actions and interactions in his crimes.

This and many other deleted scenes and extended scenes from the Hawaii Five-0 series are part of a DVD collection that became available after July 28, 2020.

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Hawaii Five-0: Everything we could not see on the screen due to the cancellation of the series

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