Hawaii Five-0: The 3 best couples of the CBS program and their curious stories

In 10 seasons of broadcasting, viewers of Hawaii Five-0 not only enjoyed its incredible missions, criminal capture and rescues, it also featured several romantic partners. Fans assure that these are 3 relationships that stood out for their curious stories.

The first time viewers met Hawaii Five-0 It was in 2010, when the television network CBS announced the reboot of the 1980s show with a new cast. The series managed to broadcast 10 seasons and all the fans were surprised by its incredible stories. However, another point that many loved about the drama was the way in which the arc of each of the characters developed, especially in love, where some chose the best couples.

Steve and Alice

Hawaii Five-0: Why aren’t Steve and Alicia still together?

Although their relationship was never confirmed, there is no doubt that there was chemistry and sparks between them. Alice (played by Claire Forlani), a former FBI profiler, first appears in the seventh season of Hawaii Five-0. Reluctantly, she helps the Five-0 team catch a serial killer by taking herself off the hunt for the killers. However, she is forced to do so when a dead body is discovered in her bed.

She and Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) are then kidnapped and left to drown, but Steve shows up nearby, saves his life, and they reunite. Why nothing else came of this potential relationship remains a mystery, but there was definitely a connection between Steve and Alicia. Many of the fans hoped that the program would delve into them, unfortunately it did not happen.

Danny and Rachel

Hawaii Five-0: Danny and Rachel’s Breakup

Danny’s relationship (Scott Caan) and Rachel (Claire van der Boom) is, to say the least, complicated and tumultuous. Throughout the series, he often turns on and off. Danny followed Rachel and her daughter Grace to Hawaii when they moved in before the events of the show’s pilot episode, at which point they were constantly fighting.

However, their relationship improved enough for them to have an affair, from which a son was born, which Danny only found out about years later and was actually his, not Rachel’s husband. But, Rachel isn’t always honest with Danny, and her career as a cop often gets in the way; however, behind her dispute there is a true friendship and partnership as Danny is always there for her and her children.

Kono and Adam

Hawaii Five-.0: Kono and Adam’s Off-Screen Separation

Another couple that viewers enjoyed was Kono (Grace Park) and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), who had a tumultuous relationship that wasn’t easy, but loved and supported each other through the tough times. At first, the neighborhood, especially Chin (Daniel Dae-Kim), he didn’t take Kono and Adam’s relationship well, but that changed over time.

She ran away with Adam, waited for him when he was in jail, and Adam was there for her when she needed him most, namely when Frank Delano’s men (William Baldwin) abandoned her and drowned her at the end of the second half. They even got married in the fifth season, but eventually broke up, and in the ninth they broke up. Unfortunately, because the actress left the show in its seventh installment and had no intention of returning, they decided to continue with Adam’s story, explaining that the two had split up and she was focused on a mission off the island.

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Hawaii Five-0: The 3 best couples of the CBS program and their curious stories

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