Hawaii Five-0: The 3 Biggest Actors Who Left The CBS Show

In the 10 seasons that Hawaii Five-0 aired, viewers were treated to an incredible cast that showcased all their skills and made the CBS show popular. However, 3 of his most important actors left him and it led to his ratings dropping drastically.

The television network police procedural action series CBS, Hawaii Five-0, is ranked as the 22nd longest-running scripted show in network history. The drama premiered as a reboot of the 1960 series of the same name. It focused on a special police task force created by the Governor of Hawaii to capture the island’s most dangerous criminals and solve their crimes.

The restart of Hawaii Five-0 debuted in September 2010, headed by actor Alex O’Loughlin as Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. While Scott Caan as his teammate and second-in-command of the team Danny “Danno” Williams. As the first episodes of the show progress, new members of what will be the Five-0 team are recruited. However, some of these important actors were gradually abandoning him.

Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua

Hawaii Five-0: Grace Park left the program due to salary problems

The actress Grace Parkwas playing officer Kono Kalakaua for seven seasons of Hawaii Five-0, who is an expert sniper. Ella’s first appearance occurred when Ella’s cousin Chin de Ella (Daniel Dae-Kim) recruited her while she was surfing at the beach. Chin explains that she was helping Steve McGarrett to recruit special members for the Five-0 team, which would be in charge of confronting and capturing dangerous criminals on the island. Reason why they needed agents who were unknown, but with great experience.

Unfortunately, the output of Grace Park of Hawaii Five-0, was because he was looking for a salary increase in his next contracts. Similar to his co-star’s Alex O’Loughlin, because she was also a main part of the program. However, both the television network CBSlike the producers, rejected the proposal for a raise and ended up abandoning the series.

Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly

Hawaii Five-0: Daniel Dae Kim left the program due to salary problems

The actor Daniel Dae-Kim played Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii Five-0, a former member of the Special Forces and a highly decorated former HPD cop before being wrongly accused of corruption, resulting in his career and reputation being tarnished. However, in the first episode he meets Steve McGarrett, who offers him to join the team he was putting together. Chin’s technological skills and knowledge of Hawaii in general gave the team a huge advantage. But, things changed when his star left the show.

Like his co-star Grace Park, Daniel Dae-Kim, was also discussing the salary issue with the CBS television network and the producers. But, the television station’s decision was not reversed. Which is why, to cover her stories, he decided to cover her with Chin putting together his own working group in San Francisco and with Kono he was in Carson City helping to bring down a sex trafficking network. As of season 7 of Hawaii Five-0, both characters are no longer seen.

Masi Oka as Dr. Max Bergman

Hawaii Five-0: Masi Oka left the show due to personal problems and lack of history

Finally, the actor Masi Oka He played Dr. Max Bergman, a general practitioner and also a medical examiner, who was head of both the Honolulu Police Department and the Hawaiian Five-0 Task Force. Although the first appearance of him occurred in season 2 of Hawaii Five-0, managed to be a fundamental part of the program, which made him one of the most loved for the jokes he used to make. Sadly, it was all tarnished at the same time as her co-stars Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim.

However, unlike his co-stars, the actor Masi Oka He assured at the time that his departure was due to personal problems that he had to attend to and that the character could not continue advancing due to lack of history. Interestingly, the departure of these three actors was a serious blow to Hawaii Five-0which led to a drop in his rating in the following seasons and the injury of Alex O’Loughlin worsen and the television network decided to cancel the program with its tenth installment.

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Hawaii Five-0: The 3 Biggest Actors Who Left The CBS Show

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